Departmental Seminars

Integrative Biology Departmental seminars are held via Teams, every Thursday at 12:30pm. If you would like to attend a seminar please contact biology@usf.edu

Date Speaker Title
Mar 3  Raul Gonzalez Pech
University of South Florida 
Symbiosis as a potential driver of genome evolution and diversification of Symbiodiniaceae
Mar 10

Dr. Deby Cassill
University of South Florida 

Advances in models of altruism
Mar 24

Grant Blumberg and Dr. Susan Snyder
NOAA's Role in Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration
Mar 31

Dr. Engil Pereira
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 
Conservation practices for soil health and climate-smart food production
Apr 7

No Seminar  

Apr 14

Stephanie Rosales
The quest to understand a coral disease outbreak via its microbiome
Apr 21 Dr. Monty Graham
New Faces and Directions at Florida Institute of Oceanography