Departmental Seminars

Integrative Biology Departmental seminars are held each Thursday at 12:30 PM EST. Seminars are hosted in person and remotely via Microsoft Teams. To attend, please click the link or contact biology@usf.edu.


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Fall 2024 UPcoming Seminars

Date Speaker

August 29

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Andrew Kramer, University of South Florida


September 5

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Estelí Jiménez-Soto, Univeristy of South Florida


September 12

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Lawrence A. Stern, University of South Florida


September 19

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Ghanim Ullah, University of South Florida

Investigating the calcium hypothesis of Alzheimer's disease and aging

September 26

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Maria A. Pacheco, Temple University

Evolution of malaria parasites

October 3

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Sandra L. McLellan and Dr. Lynde B. Uihlein, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The guts of an urban ecosystem: What sewer microbes can tell us about the health and sustainability of a city.

October 10

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Sudeep Sarkar, University of South Florida


October 17

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Thomas E. Hanson, Delaware Biotechnology Institute

Exploring microbial growth under low energy conditions from cells to metabolites to epigenetics

October 24

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Miguel A. Acevedo, University of Florida

Recolonization of recovering forests by locally extinct fauna through the lens of range expansion

October 31

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Noah Legall, University of South Florida

Machine learning of wildlife diseases

November 7

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Joseph Gazing Wolf, Arizona State University and Living Heritage Research Council


November 21

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Ross Cunning, Shed Aquarium


Seminar Recordings*

FALL 2023

Dr. Heather Judkins, University of South Florida
Insights into Cephalopod Research: What Does Heather Do With Her Time? 
August 24, 2023

Dr. George Philippidis, University of South Florida
Algal Strain Development via Adaptive Evolution and Mutagenesis Assisted by Multi-omics
August 31, 2023

Dr. Ryan Carney, University of South Florida
Digital Dinosaurs & Diseases: from Archaeopteryx to Zika
September 7, 2023

Dr. J. Sean Doody, University of South Florida
Over Yonder and Down Under: My Last Six Years in Research
September 14, 2023

Dr. Yu Zeng, University of South Florida
Rolling, Tangling and Flapping: Shape-shifting in Evolution of Novel Performance Scales 
September 21, 2023 | Not recorded per speaker request

Dr. Joseph L. Graves, North Carolina A&T
Racism, Not Race: Answers to Critically Asked Questions
September 28, 2023

Dr. Mohamed Elhamdadi, University of South Florida
Using the Mathematics of Knotting to Understand Protein Folding
October 20, 2023

Dr. Larry Dishaw, University of South Florida
Obeying universal laws: an ascidian model system reveals phylogenetic principles regulating microbial colonization of gut mucosal surfaces
October 26, 2023 | Not recorded per speaker request

Dr. Anthony Snead, New York University
Responses to Environmental Change Across Biological Scales in an Intertidal Fish 
November 2, 2023 

Dr. Tad Dallas, University of South Carolina
The Macroecology of Host-Helminth Interactions
November 9, 2023

Dr. Francisco C. Ferreira, Texas A&M University
Avian malaria in Hawai‘i: dissecting vector-parasite interactions of a conservation threat
November 16, 2023

Dr. Vania R. Assis, University of South Florida
Beyond Boundaries: ecoimmunology in wild amphibians and mice
November 30, 2023


Dr. Deby Cassill, University of South Florida
Advances in Models of Altruism
January 18, 2024

Dr. Tyler Carrier, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research
Sea urchins and their developmental symbioses
January 25, 2024 | Recording not available

Dr. Robert Quinn, Michigan State University
Metabolomics approaches to understand the coral holobiont response to thermal stress
February 1, 2024 

Dr. Lucas Griffin, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Unraveleing the Migratory Mysteries of Atlantic Tarpon: Fundamental Approaches for Actionable Science
February 8, 2024 | Recording not available

Dr. Pedro Peres, Florida International University
From shallow to the deep, molecules to communities: a quest to understand marine biodiversity
February 13, 2024 | Recording not available

Dr. Amy Boddy, UC Santa Barbara
Adapting to adversity: Exploring cancer in the animal kingdom 
February 15, 2024

Dr. Michelle Spicer, Lehigh University
Drivers of plant diversity in temperate and tropical forest communities
February 29, 2024

Dr. Diego Santiago-Alarcon, University of South Florida
Disease Ecology Across Environmental Gradients | Recording not available
March 7, 2024

Dr. Kenneth Hoadley, The University of Alabama
Phenomic tools for understanding coral photo-symbiont functional diversity with applications for conservation | Recording not available
March 18, 2024

Dr. Jason Gleditsch, Oberlin College
Creation and Maintenance of Biodiversity in the Context of Global Change | Recording not available
March 21, 2024

Dr. Brian Maitner, University at Buffalo
Biodiversity Science in a Time of Crisis | Recording not Available
March 25, 2024

Dr. Gabriela Quinlan, Pennsylvania State University
From macroscales to genes: Pollinator responses to global change | Recording not Available
March 25, 2024

Dr. Harioum Yadav, University of South Florida
Microbial Ecosystems: Key Players in Aging Well-being
March 25, 2024

Dr. Patricia G. Parker, University of Missouri St. Louis
Understanding Disease Threats to the Galapagos Avifauna: Mitigation Strategies
April 11, 2024

Dr. Nichole M. Tiernan, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
Plumeria Research, Plant Blindness and the Million Orchid Project at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
April 18, 2024

Dr. Sahas Barve, Archbold Biological Station
Parental Facilitation in a Time of Global Change
April 25, 2024

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