Departmental Seminars

Integrative Biololgy Departmental seminars are held via Zoom, every Thursday at 12:30pm. If you would like to attend a seminar please contact biology@usf.edu

Date Speaker Title
Mar 4  Dr David Weinstein,  Mesophotic.org Accretion potential and habitat development of mesophotic coral reefs 
(followed by discussion with graduate students)
Mar 11  Dr Jack Costello, Providence University  TBA
Mar 18  Dr. Zakiya Leggett, NC State University TBA
Mar 25  Dr Sarah Eddy, Florida International University  Increased Course Structure: A recipe for Reducing Disparities in introductory biology?
Apr 1  Dr Wei Yuan, Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology  Hybrid vigor in Arabidopsis thaliana is associated with massive down-regulation of genes

Apr 8 


Dr Susan Bell, University of South Florida TBA