Departmental Seminars

Integrative Biology Departmental seminars are held each Thursday at 12:30 PM EST. Seminars are hosted in person and remotely via Microsoft Teams. To attend, please click the link or contact biology@usf.edu.


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Fall 2023 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker

October 5

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Patricia G. Parker
University of Missouri - St. Louis
Understanding Disease Threats to the Galapagos Avifauna: Mitigation Strategies

October 12



October 19

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Mohamed Elhamdadi
University of South Florida
Using the Mathematics of Knotting to Understand Protein Folding

October 26

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Pamela Yeh
University of California, Los Angeles
Presentation TBA

November 2

Location TBA

Dr. Anthony Snead
New York University
Presentation TBA

November 9

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Tad Dallas
University of South Carolina
Presentation TBA

November 16

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Francisco C. Ferreira
Texas A&M University
Avian malaria in Hawai‘i: dissecting vector-parasite interactions of a conservation threat

November 30

CMC 147, Tampa Campus

Dr. Vania R. Assis
University of South Florida
Beyond Boundaries: ecoimmunology in wild amphibians and mice

Seminar Recordings*

Dr. Heather Judkins, University of South Florida
Insights into Cephalopod Research: What Does Heather Do With Her Time? 
August 24, 2023

Dr. George Philippidis, University of South Florida
Algal Strain Development via Adaptive Evolution and Mutagenesis Assisted by Multi-omics
August 31, 2023

Dr. Ryan Carney, University of South Florida
Digital Dinosaurs & Diseases: from Archaeopteryx to Zika
September 7, 2023

Dr. J. Sean Doody, University of South Florida
Over Yonder and Down Under: My Last Six Years in Research
September 14, 2023

Dr. Yu Zeng, University of South Florida
Rolling, Tangling and Flapping: Shape-shifting in Evolution of Novel Performance Scales
September 21, 2023 (Not Recorded)

Dr. Joseph L. Graves, North Carolina A&T
Racism, Not Race: Answers to Critically Asked Questions
September 28, 2023

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