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New research by Dr Brad Gemmell (Tampa campus) on how Jellyfish swim has been featured in New York Times, check out the podcast/radio interview with an international broadcast based in Canada, soon to be featured on the Discovery Channel !

brad jelly fish

Dr Sean Doody (St. Petersburg campus) is featured in an article in Science News about how other inhabitants of the monitor lizard’s habitat in Australia use its burrows. The invasive cane toad is depleting monitor lizard populations, and concern is rising that the toad invasion could affect other animals that use the lizard burrows.

S doody lizard

Carney Lab receives $900K NSF grant to fight mosquito-borne diseases with artificial intelligence (USF, WTSP-TV).

mosquito square

"Evidence corroborates identity of isolated fossil feather as a wing covert of Archaeopteryx" Scientific Reports, 2020. Ryan M. Carney, Helmut Tischlinger & Matthew D. Shawkey




heather judkins

Associate Professor Heather Judkins receives a USF Outstanding Research Achievement Award for her work on cephalopods such as giant squids in the Gulf of Mexico

USF Article on Cane Toad Research by Sean Doody

Congratulations to Meredith Krause! 

Meredith is the recipient of the Philip J Motta Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award in Integrative Biology for 2019-20. The IB Graduate Admissions and Policy Committee is presenting Meredith with this award for her teaching in BSC 2011 Biological Diversity and BSC 4933 Learning Assistants for Biological Diversity.

Meredith has gone above and beyond as a teaching assistant during a course redesign and development of a new course. She has taken initiative and done outstanding work in all areas, including developing learning modules, contributing course content, recording high-quality presentations, giving technical help, deploying content online, and providing feedback on effectiveness of class activities. She also worked tirelessly to make the transition to online teaching due to COVID-19 as smooth as possible, something noted by students. Meredith's work has resulted in tangible learning gains for students.

Her nomination letter sums up her contributions nicely, "Meredith has had a positive impact on thousands of students through her work in BSC 2011 in the last two years, both through direct interactions with them and due to the work she has done to improve the course. She has been a great asset to the course and the department."

Thank you for the excellent teaching, Meredith, and congratulations!