Mission and Vision


The Department of Integrative Biology emphasizes learning and teaching about interactions, across all scales, among humans and other diverse organisms in a range of environments. These interactions mediate the resilience of natural biotic systems, and enhance the sustainability of products and processes that are beneficial to ecosystems and consequently to human well-being. Thus, our mission is to create new knowledge and promote learning about ecosystem health and sustainability


The Vision of the Department of Integrative Biology is to:

  1. Attain the status of the premier Biology Department in the State of Florida as reflected in the research metrics of per capita:
    1. grants and grant dollars,
    2. publications, and
    3. citations of faculty publications.

  2. Lead the University of South Florida in innovative and effective teaching and training measured by the:
    1. selectivity of our graduate admissions 
    2. productivity of our graduate students (publications, presentations, grants, and awards)
    3. average time to degree for undergraduate and graduate students
    4. job placement of our undergraduate and graduate alums
    5. the proportion of courses that use pedagogical techniques that have been demonstrated to improve student learning.

  3. Improve the diversity, quality, and quantity of services that our department offers to academia, the University of South Florida, and the region, state and country.