Staff & Advisors

Administrative Staff

Fran and Bianca

  • Andaluz, Fransheska, Academic Program Specialist (left)  
    Cooper Hall (CPR) 209; (813) 974-2893
  • Johnson, Bianca, Academic Services Administrator (right)
    Cooper Hall (CPR) 209; (813) 974-2396

Academic Advisors on the Tampa Campus

Brandon and Shani

  • Kroll, Brandon (pictured on left) 
    Cooper Hall (CPR) 239; (813) 974-6983

    Brandon Kroll
    is the Academic Advisor for the ISS and Sociology programs on the Tampa campus. He has 16 years of experience working in education. Having earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees from USF, Brandon is a Bull through and through. In January, 2007, Brandon joined the College of Arts and Sciences as an advisor for the pre-health professions. In July, 2010, he transitioned to ISS and Sociology, where he has served as an academic advisor ever since. He has served on several committees in the department, college, and university, including the College of Arts and Sciences Orientation Committee (which he chaired), the Academic Regulations Committee, and the Health Processions Advisory Committee. In the Department of Sociology, he serves on both the ISS Curriculum Committee and the Sociology Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, which he chaired in 2018-19.

  • Lizardi, Shani (pictured on right)
    Cooper Hall (CPR) 364; (813) 974-9249

    Shani Lizardi is the Academic Advisor for Sociology, Humanities and Cultural Studies, Information Science, and Pre-law. She has been advising at USF since June, 2013. After living in the Midwest for 16 years and receiving both her bachelor's and master's degrees in Wisconsin, she moved to Florida to enjoy the great weather and to be close to her mom. She has had the privilege of living in such diverse places as Puerto Rico, New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Germany, where she served in the ARMY Reserves for 8 years. Her background in mentoring, teaching, and traveling with students, as well as her multiple roles at USF, make her a great resource for our students.

Academic Advisors on the St. Petersburg Campus

  • Eldridge, Joan
    Davis Building (DAV) 134; (727) 873-4517

    Joan Eldridge is an Academic Advisor on the St. Petersburg campus where she advises for the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences along with several other majors in the College of Arts & Sciences. She focuses on advising ISS students with a Sociology concentration.  

  • Goethe, Sheila 
    Davis Building (DAV) 134; (727) 873-4013

    Sheila Goethe is a Coordinator of Advising on the St. Petersburg campus, where she advises students majoring in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and several other majors, including Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, History, and World Languages and Cultures. As a Coordinator, she certifies Associate in Arts degrees and conducts orientations. She is a member of The National Association for Academic Advisors and a USF alumn. She has worked in higher education since 1987 and at USF for over 20 years. During her tenure at USF, she has worked on various committees including the Academic Regulations Committee, the Council for Academic Advisors, the Undergraduate Council, and the Southeastern Association of Colleges and Schools.

  • Kelley, Solitaire 
    Davis Building (DAV) 134; (727) 873-4247

    Solitaire Kelley
    is a Senior Academic Advisor on the St. Petersburg campus for 8 majors, including ISS, and a back-up advisor for 7 other majors. She started working in the centralized academic advising center in 2000. She earned a B.A. in English Literature, and an M.L.A. with concentrations in sociology and geography from USFSP. She also earned a BA in Sociology from USF. Solitaire completed graduate coursework from Kansas State University in the Master's in Academic Advising program, focusing on student development, career planning, and theories of advising. She won her first university staff award in 2004, and has since won other staff awards, including most recently the 2019 Outstanding USFSP Administrative Staff Member. She has been a member or chair of many committees over the years, including search committees, an accreditation committee, the planning committee for the 2011 USF Advising Conference, and the undergraduate academic programs committee. In 2013-14, she and another advisor created a new course designed specifically for freshman students called University Success; they also wrote and published a book for that course. She taught the course from 2014-18. Solitaire has said, "It can't be overstated that the students make all the difference in the advising profession. I've worked in the advising office at USF for almost 20 years and can say for certain that I've lasted this long because of all the positive experiences I've had helping our students. Go Bulls!"

Academic Advisor on the Sarasota-Manatee Campus

  • DeColfmacker, David
    8350 N. Tamiami Trail, SMCC 107; (941) 359-4640

    David DeColfmacker is the Academic Advisor for ISS, History, English and Professional and Technical Communication on the Sarasota-Manatee campus. He has more than 7 years of experience working in higher education. In October of 2018, David joined the advising team in Sarasota-Manatee for the College of Arts and Sciences. A native of New Hampshire, David completed his undergraduate degree at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.