Detailed faculty biographies and CVs can be accessed by clicking on the name.

Aranda, Elizabeth (Ph.D., Temple 2001) Latina/o Sociology, Migration/Immigration, Racial and Ethnic Relations; Professor.

Benford, Robert D. (Ph.D., Texas-Austin 1987) Environmental Sociology, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Social Psychology; Professor.

Biafora, Frank (Ph.D., University of Miami 1991) Crime, Law, and Deviance, Children and Youth, Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility, Methodology; Professor (St. Petersburg campus).

Cavendish, James C. (Ph.D., Notre Dame 1997) Race, Class, Gender, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Religion, Quantitative Methodology; Associate Professor, Department Chair.

Crawley, Sara (Ph.D., Florida 2002) Sexualities, Gender and Body, Qualitative Methodologies; Associate Professor.

Curry, Emelda (Ph.D., South Florida 2013) Family, Racial and Ethnic Relations, Cultural Anthropology; Senior Instructor; Program Development Coordinator.

Friedman, Jennifer (Ph.D., Northwestern 1988) Alcohol and Drugs, Qualitative Methodology, Sociology of Food; Associate Professor.

Graham, Laurel (Ph.D., Illinois-Urbana 1992) Theory, Consumer Culture, Environment; Associate Professor.

Green, Sara (Ph.D., Tulane 1994) Aging/Social Gerontology, Disabilities, Medical Sociology; Professor, Director of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.

Hao, Feng (Ph.D., Washington State University 2015) Environmental Sociology, Global and Transnational Sociology, Public Opinion, Methodology; Assistant Professor (Sarasota-Manatee campus).  

Hordge-Freeman, Elizabeth (Ph.D., Duke 2012) Family, Racial and Ethnic Relations, Emotions; Associate Professor, Sociology and Institute for the Study of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Jacobson, David (Ph.D., Princeton University 1991) Globalization and Transnational Sociology, Political Sociology, Immigration and Citizenship; Professor.

Kleiman, Michael (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State 1979) Medical Sociology, Quantitative Methodology, Statistics; Associate Professor.

Kusenbach, Margarethe (Ph.D., California-Los Angeles 2003) Urban Sociology, Social Psychology, Qualitative Methodology; Associate Professor, Associate Chair.

Mayberry, Maralee (Ph.D., Oregon 1988) Teaching and Learning in Sociology, Education, LGBT Youth; Professor, Graduate Director, and Director of Pedagogy.

Miller, Byron (Ph.D., Florida State University 2012) Mental Health, Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility, Racial and Ethnic Minorities; Assistant Professor (St. Petersburg campus).

Padilla, Beatriz (Ph.D., Illinois-Urbana 2001) Race, Class, and Gender, Public Policy, Migration/Immigration; Assistant Professor.

Partin, Christina (Ph.D., South Florida 2018) Teaching and Learning in Sociology, Education, Technology; Master Instructor.

Ponticelli, Christy (Ph.D., California-Santa Cruz 1993) Animals and Society, Sexualities, Knowledge; Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Director.

Skvoretz, John (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh 1976) Theory, Mathematical Sociology, Social Networks; Distinguished University Professor.

Sloan, Melissa (Ph.D., Vanderbilt University 2005) Social Psychology, Emotions, Mental Health, Organizations, Occupations, and Work; Associate Professor (Sarasota-Manatee campus). 

Sommer, Jamie (Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook 2018) Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Development, Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility, Health, Quantitative Methodology; Assistant Professor.

Toothman, Erica (Ph.D., Florida State University 2013) Aging and the Life Course; Senior Instructor.

Tuntiya, Nana (PhD, Odessa State 1997) Mental Health, Political Sociology, Communication, Information Technologies & Media Sociology; Instructor.

Tyson, Will (Ph.D., Duke 2004) Education, Race, Class, and Gender, Stratification/Mobility; Associate Professor.

Emeritus Faculty

Greek, Cecil (Ph.D., New School of Social Research 1983) Qualitative Methodology, Social Theory, Deviance; Associate Professor Emeritus.

Loseke, Donileen (Ph.D., California-Santa Barbara 1982) Emotions, Cultural Sociology, Qualitative Methodology; Professor Emeritus.

Stamps, David (PhD, Washington State 1972) Community, Urban Sociology, Racial and Ethnic Relations; Professor Emeritus.

Visiting and Adjunct Instructors

Maddanu, Simone (Ph.D., School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) of Paris, France 2009) Migration/Immigration, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Urban Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Qualitative Methods.

Zeller, David (Ph.D., South Florida 2017) Environmental Sociology, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Social Psychology; Visiting Instructor.

Research Associates and Postdoctoral Scholars

Jayaram, Lakshmi (PhD, Johns Hopkins 2009) Family, Education, Race, Class, and Gender; Research Associate, Sociology.

Rosa, Alessandra (PhD, Florida International 2015) Communication and Information Technologies, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Latina/o Sociology; Postdoctoral Scholar, Sociology.