Affiliated Faculty

Detailed faculty biographies and CVs can be accessed by clicking on the name.

Bohn, H. Joseph (PhD, University of Louisville 2016) Healthcare Reform and Policy, Public Health and Health Systems; Assistant Professor, Public Health.

Brekke, Torkel (PhD, University of Oxford 1999) Globalization, Sociology of Religion, Religion and Politics, Ethics of War; Professor, Department of International Studies and Interpreting, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway.

Cochran, John (PhD, Florida 1987) Criminal Justice, Deviant Behavior/Social Disorganization; Professor, Criminology.

Ellis, Carolyn (PhD, Stony Brook 1981) Emotions, Qualitative Methodology, Holocaust Studies; Distinguished University Professor Emerita, Communication.

Flaherty, Michael (PhD, Illinois-Urbana 1982) Social Psychology, Qualitative Methodology, Ethnomethodology; Professor, Sociology, Eckerd College.

Jayaram, Lakshmi (PhD, Johns Hopkins 2009) Family, Education, Race, Class, and Gender; Research Associate, Sociology.

Johns, Rebecca (PhD, Rutgers University 1994) Nature-Society Relationships, Human Perceptions of Nature, the Commodification of Nature. Associate Professor, Geography.

Johnson, Micah (PhD, University of Florida 2017) Childhood Trauma and Disadvantage, Youth Violence, Opioid Misuse, Polysubstance Abuse and Treatment Outcomes; Assistant Professor, Mental Health Law & Policy.

Jorgensen, Danny L. (PhD, The Ohio State University 1979) Religion, Knowledge, Qualitative Methodology; Professor Emeritus, Religious Studies.

Koehler, Gretchen (PhD, University of South Carolina 2001) Education, Medical Sociology, Racial and Ethnic Relations; Assistant VP and Sr. Associate Dean, USF Health; Morsani College of Medicine.

Lersch, Kim (PhD, University of Florida 1995) Urban Sociology, Racial and Ethnic Relations, Criminal Justice; Professor, School of Information.

Lewis, Jennifer (PhD, Pennsylvania State 1998) Education, Evaluation; Professor, Chemistry.

Lu, Yunmei (Iris) (PhD, Pennsylvania State 2018) Age and Crime, Cross-Cultural Studies, Social Change and Crime, Sentencing, Age-Period-Cohort Analysis; Assistant Professor, Criminology.  

McBrien, Jody (PhD, Emory University 2005) Refugee Studies, Human Rights, Migration; Professor, Educational and Psychological Studies.

O'Leary, Heather (PhD, University of Minnesota 2014) Diversity of Global Environmentalisms, Climate Change, Informal Labor and Urban In-Migration; Assistant Professor, Anthropology.

Pieri, Zacharias (PhD, University of Exeter 2012) Globalization and Transnational Sociology, Peace, War, World Conflict, and Conflict Resolution, Religion; Assistant Professor of International Relations and Security Studies, School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies.

Rennó Santos, Mateus (PhD, University of Maryland, College Park 2019) Crime and Criminal Justice, Macro-level Criminological Theory, Worldwide Decline in Violence; Assistant Professor, Criminology.

Rigg, Khary K. (PhD, University of Miami 2012) Alcohol and Drugs, Medical Sociology, Mental Health; Associate Professor, Mental Health Law & Policy.

Roberts, Jane (PhD, Virginia Tech 2002) Age Bias and Prejudice toward Older People, Environmental Influences on Caregiving; Instructor II, Social Work.

Rosa, Alessandra (PhD, Florida International 2015) Communication and Information Technologies, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Latina/o Sociology; Postdoctoral Scholar, Sociology.

Roscoe, Lori A. (PhD, University of South Florida 2000) Health Communication, Aging, Ethics, End-of-Life; Professor, Communication.

Smith, Dwayne (PhD, Duke 1980) Criminal Justice, Criminology/Delinquency, Deviant Behavior/Social Disorganization; Senior Vice Provost & Dean, Office of Graduate Studies; Professor, Criminology.

Turner, Stephen (PhD, Missouri 1975) History of Sociology/Social Thought, Science and Technology, Theory; Distinguished University Professor, Philosophy.

Yampolskaya, Svetlana (PhD, Academy of Sciences, Moscow 1990) Children and Youth, Mental Health, Qualitative Methodology; Research Associate Professor, Child and Family Studies, Florida Mental Health Institute.