Undergraduate Programs

Education Abroad

Our department encourages students to consider having a study abroad experience sometime during their college career. Study abroad experiences, just like internships, community-engaged learning, and undergraduate research experiences, help round out your education and enable you to stand out among other applicants for various jobs and graduate school programs.

For students who would like a faculty-led education abroad experience, you might consider signing up for our USF Portugal Migration and Human Trafficking Program led by Dr. Beatriz Padilla.


This USF Portugal program provides students with the opportunity to learn more about migration policies in the European Union and Portugal, gaining insights on the refugee crisis and human trafficking. The trip focuses on the diverse definitions and types of migration and human trafficking in order to introduce students to the multidimensional aspects of these phenomena. In Portugal, students will be able to examine the factors that increase certain populations' vulnerability to trafficking, with a particular emphasis on gender, race and ethnicity, and age. The trip includes visits to local NGOs, in-depth discussions with academics and activists, and a forum on refugees.

In addition to this USF Portugal program, other education abroad experiences that Sociology and ISS majors may wish to consider are:

  1. GCP Grand Challenges in Exeter & London
  2. USF in Florence: Psychology/Social Behavioral Science Program
  3. USF in London
  4. USF Ireland: Behavioral Healthcare and Homelessness
  5. USF in India: Gender and Sustainability
  6. USF Japan: Culture, History, and Society
  7. USF London and Paris
  8. USF Peru: Climate Change

Learn more about these and other education abroad programs at USF and the availability of scholarships.