Undergraduate Programs

Awards & Scholarships

Our department and the University of South Florida offer a variety of award and scholarship opportunities to our undergraduates. Currently, our department offers the following:

Outstanding Senior Awards in Sociology & ISS

Our department recognizes the achievements of our outstanding undergraduate students -- both in Sociology and ISS -- through the Outstanding Senior Awards. Given annually, these awards recognize students in their last year of undergraduate studies who have distinguished themselves by their academic achievements, leadership, and community service.

Outstanding Senior in Sociology Application (from 2022; click to open) 
Deadline for 2023-24 academic year: TBA

Outstanding Senior in ISS Application (from 2022; click to open) 
Deadline for 2023-24 academic year: TBA

Richard J. Wallace Scholarships for Undergraduate Sociology Majors

Through our Richard J. Wallace Undergraduate Student Scholarship Fund, our department provides scholarships to as many as five undergraduate Sociology majors per year, assisting them with tuition and the purchase of books. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must:

  1. have declared Sociology as their major;
  2. be of Sophomore, Junior, or Senior class standing and completed a minimum of 36 credit hours of undergraduate study and at least 6 credit hours of Sociology coursework at the 3000-level or higher;
  3. be a full- or part-time student who will NOT graduate in the current semester, and who has not received the scholarship before;
  4. have a minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.00, with preference given to those with a Sociology major grade point average of 3.25 or higher;
  5. have demonstrated need for financial assistance based on the student's FAFSA report.

Richard J. Wallace Scholarship Application (from 2022; click to open)
Deadline for 2023-24 academic year: TBA

National Scholarship Opportunities

USF's Office of National Scholars provides advice and assistance for any student wishing to apply for a variety of national scholarships designed to support many different facets of the USF education – from study and language learning abroad, to research projects, to internships and graduate study (domestic and abroad).