Chikaomi Takahashi

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Dr. Takahashi received his doctoral degree in anthropology (Japan-centric) from University of Florida and has experiences of teaching Japanese language courses of all levels and a variety of Japanese/Asian culture courses such as ‘Japanese Cinema,’ ‘Japanese Popular Culture,’ ‘Japanese Visual Culture and Media,’ ‘Social Issues in Japan,’ and ‘Sustainable Development in East and Southeast Asia.’

His scholarly interests focus on Japanese cultural policies for nation branding as well as the role of media and Japanese popular culture products in socio-economic revitalization and identity reconstruction among Japanese regional communities. He also conducts comparative research in cultural policies and media tactics in East and Southeast Asia to analyze how nation branding becomes a project of modern-day cultural production in Asia. His comparative study not only examines how and why individual brand campaigns increased awareness and visibility of each nation internationally but also provides the perspectives of what constitutes a successful brand that embodies and represents the diverse positive elements that comprise a nation.

In addition to academic activities, he has gained business experiences in the film production with Shochiku and Toho and Japanese TV program production.