Judith Bridges

Assistant Professor of Instruction

I am a graduate of the WLE department’s Ph.D. program – Linguistics and Applied Language Studies (LALS). As an applied linguist, my research focuses primarily on sociolinguistics and discourse analysis, with specific emphasis on the language of digital media. My most recent works investigate semantic instability in digital discourse and how metapragmatic wordplay is used to reinforce, develop, and dispute cultural ideologies. I also have experience doing forensic linguistic analyses for criminal and civil investigations and trials.

As an Assistant Professor of Instruction in Applied Linguistics, I teach LIN and TSL courses such as Language and Society (UG), Applied Linguistics (MA), and the MA Internship course (TSL 6945). I also supervise our LALS Ph.D. T.A.s who teach undergraduate LIN courses like LIN3010 and LIN3003. Previously, I have also taught French and ESL courses at USF.

I obtained my MA in Linguistics with a focus in TESOL and Second Language Acquisition from Missouri State University in 2011, and my BA in French and International Studies from Ole Miss in 2008.