Margit Grieb

Associate Professor of German

Dr. Margit Grieb, Associate Professor of German, received her Ph.D. from the University of Florida and joined the University of South Florida in Tampa in 2003.

Her monogram Using New Media Technologies to Transform German Film (2012) focuses on German cinema and new media productions. She is also co-editor of several anthologies: In Between: Languages and Cultures in Transition (2019), World Languages and Literatures: Stereotypes and the Challenges of Representation (2018),Contemporary Approaches to World Languages and Cultures (2015), Current Trends in Language and Culture Studies (2013), and Cultural Perspectives on Film, Literature, and Language (2010).

She has published articles on videogames, German cinema and television, German theatrical productions, New German Cinema, film restoration, and avant-garde film. She has also published translations of philosophical treatments of and interviews on the essay film. Currently, she is working on a monograph entitled Wim Wenders-Documenting the Arts.

In the Department of World Languages Dr. Grieb teaches courses on German film, literature, language, and culture. She serves as faculty mentor to the USF German Culture Club, and as director and advisor of the summer and semester study abroad program in Germany (Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, and Osnabrück), respectively. She is affiliated faculty in the Department of Humanities and Cultural Studies as well as the Department of Women's and Gender Studies.

Recent courses Dr. Grieb has taught include: FOT4931- Understanding World Cultures: Ecocinema, GET4250-Dungeons, Dragons and Dwarfs: Germanic Mythology in Popular Culture, GET4528-German Directors in Hollywood, GER3500-The Germans-Then & Now, GER3501- Urban Life & Culture in Germany, and GET3522- Fantastic Films of Early German Cinema.