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The University of South Florida Department of World Languages would like to acknowledge the following alumni for completing their Ph.D. in Linguistics and Applied Language Studies (LALS). Congratulations, bulls! 

(Alumni in alphabetical order; year of graduation in parenthesis)

Dr. Judith Bridges (2019)

Current position: Assistant Professor of Instruction, Department of World Languages, University of South Florida
Dissertation title: [X]splaining gender, race, class, and body: Metapragmatic disputes of linguistic authority and ideologies on Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr
Dissertation committee: Camilla Vásquez (Chair), Mariaelena Bartesaghi, Amanda Huensch, and Nicole Tracy-Ventura

Dr. Yaqian Jiang (2022)

Current position: Instructor, Department of English, Middle Tennessee State University
Dissertation title: The making of microcelebrities on Douyin: Multimodal design and online identities in informal English instruction videos
Dissertation committee: Camilla Vásquez (Chair), Wei Zhu, Amanda Huensch, and Brandon Tullock

Dr. Ramona Kreis (2019)

Current position: Lecturer, Department of Linguistics and Literature, University of Bremen
Dissertation title: Right-wing, nationalist discourses and counter-discourses on Twitter during the European migrant crisis
Dissertation committee: Camilla Vásquez (Chair), Jennifer Wolgemuth, Nicole Tracy-Ventura, and Tara Deubel