Multilingual Writing Center

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Welcome to the Multilingual Writing Center!

Who We Are

The Multilingual Writing Center offers one-on-one writing consultations to international and/or multilingual USF graduate students from any field who may encounter unique challenges in the academic writing process.

What We Do

We hold one-on-one, 45-minute writing sessions with experienced writing tutors. We assist at all stages of the writing process, including brainstorming, drafting, revising, and editing. Common topics of discussion include structure, cohesion, grammatical clarity, and expectations for academic writing.


The Multilingual Writng Center has a new location! We can now be found on the first floor of the Faculty Office (FAO) building, room 116A. Upon entering FAO, please see the front desk to be taken to our office.

How it Works

First, read the tutoring and writing center policies in their entirety, then make an appointment online using the link below. By creating an appointment, you agree to adhere to the policies listed on this page. ALL sessions are by appointment only; there are no walk-ins.

For virtual appointments: you will receive a Teams link in your confirmation email. Also, it is generally a good idea to send your paper to your tutor ahead of time when meeting virtually.

For in-person appointments: when it’s time to meet, head to FAO 116A to meet with your consultant.

spring 2024 Hours of Operation

  • 9am-12pm (Virtual, Madge)
  • 1pm-3pm (In-Person, Francesca)
  • 9am-12pm (Virtual, Francesca)
  • 1pm-4pm (In-Person, Sean)
  • 10am-12pm (In-Person, Madge)
  • 1pm-3pm (In-Person, Francesca)
  • 10am-12pm (In-Person, Madge)
  • 1pm-4pm (Virtual, Sean)
  • 10am-12pm (Virtual, Sean)

**The Multilingual Writing Center is open from January 8th to May 2nd. Tutoring will not be available on MLK, Jr., Day or Spring Break.

writing center policies

*Updated 8/15/2023. Please read our policies carefully:

  1. Students will arrive to the Writing Center office (116A) no more than 5 minutes before their appointment start time.
  2. Students will immediately exit 116A when their appointment is over (i.e. no loitering). If you need more help from the tutor, please go online and schedule another appointment. Appointments cannot be extended for any reason. Please do not linger and wait to see if the tutor becomes unoccupied for extra assistance.
  3. Only students with in-person appointments can be in 116A. Students with virtual appointments can use the USF library if needed.
  4. Tutors can only meet with ONE student at a time. One appointment = one student.
  5. Kindly respect all employees and do your best to keep distractions and any noise to a minimum. If a student causes a distraction or behaves disrespectfully towards anyone, the student may be asked to leave.
  6. It is the student’s responsibility to come to their tutoring session prepared. Students MUST bring their own material to their appointment. (i.e. essays/assignments must already be printed before you arrive to your appointment). The tutor cannot print any of your materials for you.

appointment INFORMATION

  • Appointments cannot be made less than 24 hours in advance.
  • You can make one appointment per day and up to two appointments per week.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will need to reschedule.
  • Please bring an in-progress writing project. There's not much we can do if you're not currently writing something!
  • Please bring all relevant materials. For instance, if you're working on a class assignment, bring the instructions. If you've already received feedback from an instructor, bring that too.

Schedule a Writing Consultation

By scheduling an appointment, you agree to abide by the policies listed above.


For questions regarding scheduling, tutoring services, and other general information,
please contact: 
Sean Farrell, Coordinator

For administrative-related questions, please contact:
Dr. Matt Kessler, Director