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Spring 2023: Undergrad French Registration Guide

spring 2023 french registration guide

Spring 2023: Undergraduate Course Flyers

french conversation course flyer image grid

FRE 2240: French Conversation

French 4 Spring 2023 course flyer

FRE 2201-001: French Language Through Pop Culture

russian 1 flyer

RUS 1120-001: Russian I

italian food in film spring 2023 course flyer

ITT 4531: Italian Food in Film

Dr. Wagner Course Flyer Spring 2022

FRW4100-902 & FRW 5934-901: Changing Social Class


FRE 4930/FRW 5934: Holocaust Through a French Lens

new german cinema course flyer spring 2023

GET 4523: The Germans, Past & Present

spring 2023 course flyer: the german culture

GER 3500: New German Cinema to the Present

italian conversation spring 2023 flyer

ITA 2240: Italian Conversation

french I & II flyer

FRE 1120: French I
FRE 1121: French II

French III Spring 2023 flyer

FRE 2200: French III

Past semesters:

Fall 2022 Undergraduate Course Flyers

Guide to Fall 2022 Undergraduate Course Registration in French:


 Guide to Fall 2022 Italian Courses:


 Course Flyers (Fall 2022)

french civilization course flyer

(Fall) FRE 3500: French Civilization

Epic Battles in Greek Thought- Summer 2022

(Summer/Fall) CLT 3103: Epic Battles in Greek Thought

Language and Technology- Fall 2022

(Fall) LIN 4609: Language & Technology

Written French in Cultural Context- Fall 2022

(Fall) FRE 3420: Written French in a Cultural Context

Multicultural Germany- FALL 2022 Course Flyer

(Fall) GEW 4930: Multicultural Germany

Screening the Holocaust- Fall 2022 Course Flyer

(Fall) GET 4931: Screening the Holocaust

FRE 4930 Fall 2022 Flyer

(Fall) FRE 4930 / FRW 5226: Intro 20th Century Poetry & Theatre

environmental humanities

(Fall) ITA 4930: Environmental Humanities


(Summer/Fall) FRE 1120 (French I) & FRE 1121 (French II)

Portuguese I & II: Fall 2022

(Fall) POR 1120 (Portuguese I) & POR 1121 (Portuguese II)

French III Fall 2022

(Fall) FRE 2200: French III

italian 3

(Fall) ITA 220: Italian III

Spring 2022 Undergraduate Course Flyers

Course Listing (Spring 2022)

spring 2022 undergrad WLE course listing

This PDF file is a collection of the courses that are currently being offered within our department for the Spring 2022 semester. The information within this Course Listing may change at any time and without notice.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on all courses offered at USF, please visit the USF Catalog or the the Class Schedule Search on OASIS.

Course Flyers (Spring 2022)


TSL 4362: Methods of Teaching English Overseas

french for business

FRE 3440: French for Business


GET 4250: Dungeons, Dragons & Dwarfs


ITT 4531: Italian Food in Film


POR 1120-501: Portuguese I
POR 1121-501: Portuguese II


FRE 2201-001: French Language Through Pop Culture (French IV)


FRE 4930-901: Encounters with the Fantastic