Undergraduate Majors


The Zimmerman School of Advertising & Mass Communications is proud to offer holistic and student-centered counseling with qualified and award-winning academic advisors.

They can help you with:

  • Course registration
  • Academic planning and progress toward graduation
  • Academic probation
  • Advisor signatures on add/drop and other university forms
  • Study abroad departmental credit
  • Choosing a second area of study and other discussions regarding adding second majors, minors, and certificate programs

Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor at least once a semester prior to registration, as our programs are sequential in nature, and more advanced classes require pre-requisites in order to be successful.

Walk-in advising may be offered periodically throughout the year, and will be announced on the Zimmerman School's Canvas page. Students can also e-mail the Zimmerman School advisors.

  • Current USF Students can make an appointment here.
  • Prospective students can make an appointment here.

For more information on how to register for courses, click here.