Undergraduate Majors

Course Registration Information

Permits/Override Requests
Most of the Zimmerman School’s senior-level courses are restricted to students within our department, and some may require permits. Please e-mail MassComAdvise@usf.edu if you are attempting to enroll in a course and receive an error.

How to Register for Courses 
Visit the CAS Advising website for updated information regarding course registration.

Reminders and Helpful Tips 
Registration times are assigned based on the number of earned credits and GPA; log in into OASIS, and from the ‘Registration’ menu, select ‘Registration status’. 

Students are responsible for their own registration; plan to register within a few hours of your registration time. 

Look at the details and notes for each course; you will see some are restricted to certain students or require permission, etc. 

Register for what you think you need/what was discussed at your most recent advising appointment; do not wait to register until after meeting with an advisor otherwise courses that you need may fill.  

Your major is sequential, so there is an order to the major coursework. Information on course sequences can be found in the Zimmerman School’s Canvas page.

Email MassComAdvise@usf.edu if you have any questions about registration errors you receive.  

Permits for world language courses at the Tampa campus can be requested here.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their holds are cleared prior to registering; while some holds can be cleared within 24 hours, others may take a week or longer to clear. Because of this, students should review their Academic Holds in early October. These holds should be visible in your Registration Status page on OASIS. 

AA Hold: Students in their first two semesters (Fall and Spring) are required to meet with their advisor; either make an appointment through Archivum, or email MassComAdvise@usf.edu  

AR Hold: USF is missing an academic record, typically a final transcript, from a previous institution. You can confirm what is missing in your Admissions portal, or email admissions@usf.edu (freshman students), transfer@usf.edu (transfer students) or international@usf.edu (International freshman students).

CC Hold: You have an outstanding balance; review your account summary in OASIS and settle any outstanding debts. Questions? Email sfshelp@usf.edu or call 813.974.6056. 

MJ Hold: Major hold. Email MassComAdvise@usf.edu