Science Advising


The Science Center and the Water Molecule Fountain.

The Science Advising Center, located in the SCA building, houses the academic advisors within the Biology, Chemistry, GeoSciences, Math, and Physics departments. Additionally, the Science Health Professions, Science Success, and Science Transfer advisors also reside in our office. 

As a resource for all science majors at USF, we meet with students in appointments, host drop-ins, put on a variety of student workshops, and more!

We strive to provide the best advising experience for our students regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, etc, by treating all students equally and with the utmost respect. As a team our shared goal is to guide students through college in order to be successful undergraduate students who are prolific in their future career and community.

Scheduling an Appointment

Our office is currently working in a hybrid capacity. 

Our advisors are on-campus only on certain days of the week. Students can elect to have an in-person appointment if the advisor is on-campus on the day they have selected for an appointment. However, we will continue to offer virtual appointments.

Active USF Students 

Students can schedule a 30-minute appointment with their major advisor using the USF Archivum system. 

Please review the College of Arts and Sciences Scheduled Appointments website for instructions on how to schedule a 30-minute appointment with your major advisor. 

iNactive/returning/prospective students

Non-active students should review the College of Arts and Sciences Scheduled Appointments website for instructions on how to schedule a 30-minute appointment with an advisor. 

other ways to schedule 

Some special areas, such as the Science Transfer and Science Success advising offices, schedule appointments with students using the Bookings system. 

For prospective or admitted science transfer students, please review the Science Transfer website for instructions on how to schedule a 30-minute appointment with a Science Transfer advisor.

Students looking to book an appointment with the Science Success advisor should review the Science Success website for instructions on how to schedule this type of 30-minute appointment.

Drop-Ins & Advising Events

Drop-In Advising is conducted in a hybrid fashion, through the USF Archivum system.

You will be able to select either Office or Virtual for your drop-in meeting once you add yourself to the Drop-In Queue. 

Please keep the following in mind about drop-ins:

  • Drop-In appointments are 15 minutes long and are done on a first-come/first-served basis.
  • During scheduled drop-in dates/times, students can log-in to the USF Archivum system and select "Get in line for a Drop-In Appointment" on the Appointment Scheduling page.
    • Please use the below linked drop-ins calendars for your major. 
  • Advising Drop-in lists open 15 minutes prior to the start time for drop-ins and once the drop-in list reaches capacity it will be closed and you will be unable to add yourself to the list. 
  • We strongly recommend signing-up early to ensure you can be seen. 
  • If you have selected Office as your Drop-In method, you MUST be in the SCA lobby ready for the drop-in to start. 
    • An advisor will come out to the lobby and call your name when they reach you on the queue. 
    • If your name is called twice and you do not answer, you will be marked as a no-show and the advisor will move on to the next student in line. 
  • If you have selected Virtual as your Drop-In method, once you add yourself to the list, please be prepared to receive a call from your advisor based on your chosen communication method (Phone or Microsoft Teams).
  • As an added note, when we pull you from the list, in preparation to take you, your name will no longer show on the drop-in list.

For GeoSciences Majors, please reach out to your advisor directly (at for additional procedures regarding drop-ins. 

For Science Support areas please review the Science Transfer website and the Science Success website for how to participate in drop-ins with their offices. 

What Can be seen in a drop-in

 The following are appropriate for a 15-minute Drop-In appointment: 

  • Academic Probation (AP) Holds
  • Course planning for the upcoming semester
  • Financial Aid Forms
  • Registration emergencies (NOT permits)
  • Study Abroad Forms

Please note, in order for an advisor to see a student for an AP hold during drop-ins the student must have the appropriate CANVAS tutorial completed beforehand.

Additionally, for majors where a major declaration is required to register in courses, Major Declaration in that major may be seen during drop-ins only during the first week of classes. 

What Cannot be seen in a drop-in

The following will need a full, 30-minute appointment: 

  • AF Holds (Former Student Returning Hold)
  • ARC Academic Renewal paperwork
  • Career planning
  • Double Major or Concurrent Degree paperwork
  • Graduation Checks
  • Major exploration (unless meeting with the PPS advisor)
  • Pre-Orientation Appointments
  • ROTC semester planning paperwork (104R)

Please note, Academic Advising (AA) Holds do not require an appointment to be lifted. Please review advisor outreach regarding these holds. 

The following items also cannot be processed during an appointment. Instead, they should be completed through the appropriate online form: 

drop-in & Events calendars

The below calendars list all scheduled drop-in days and times for the below areas as well as student events and university holidays/deadlines. 

BioAdvise  - Biology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Marine Biology, & Microbiology

ChemAdvise - Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry B.A., Chemistry B.S., Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences, & Medical Technology

GeoAdvise - Environmental Science & Policy, Geology B.A., Geology B.S., & Geography

MathAdvise - Mathematics & Statistics

Pre-Professional Sciences - PPS Placeholder

PhysicsAdvise - Physics B.A., Physics B.S., Physical Sciences B.A., & Physical Sciences B.S.

Directions to the Science Advising Center

Lost? First time visiting our office?

Use our handy Directions and Map to find your way to the Science Advising Center. 

Science Center Address:
12037 Richard A. Beard Drive
Tampa, FL 33620

Strategies for Success

Adapting is a part of college life, both in your personal endeavors and academically. 

Sometimes the strategies we have used to be successful in one place don't work in another. The advisors have compiled a list of resources and strategies to help you adjust and adapt as you need through your coursework. 

View the Strategies for Success Guide.