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Dance Performance

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance

The BFA in Dance program at the University of South Florida prepares students for professional careers in dance through rigorous training in studio technique and choreography, as well as through extensive study in dance theory. Dancers graduate from our BFA program ready to make an impact on today’s professional world as performers and choreographers.

Students select an emphasis in ballet or modern dance, although focused study of both is required in the curriculum. It is our philosophy at USF Dance that knowledge and training in both enhances your technique and elevates your performance artistry. Beyond the ongoing opportunities to perform in works by faculty, guest artists, and students, dance performance majors will also choreograph and present solo and group senior projects.

Ballet Concentration

Students in the ballet concentration take four progressive levels of studio technique in ballet. Emphasizing correct body alignment, positions, barre exercises and center work intensify as students advance through the curriculum. Coursework is designed to develop the dancer’s strength and form, enhance performance skill, and achieve technical proficiency. Instruction is provided using classical ballet vocabulary (i.e., French terms) and course material is largely covered as practical work in class, with some outside projects. Upper-level students develop their own choreography and perform in concerts and showcases throughout the year, enabling them to gain professional experience.

View the full list of prerequisites, core courses, and plan of study for the BFA in Dance with a concentration in Ballet in the USF Undergraduate Catalog.  

Modern Dance Concentration

Students in the modern dance concentration develop rhythmic and dynamic activity in four progressive levels of studio classes. Coursework is designed to foster the dancer’s strength and style, enhance performance artistry, and acquire technical excellence. Students will learn correct body alignment and the principles of modern dance technique. Advanced levels emphasize movement phrasing as dancers rehearse in more complex choreography and explore personal performance styles. Material involves practical exercises and rehearsals in class. Upper-level students gain professional experience by creating their own choreography and performing in concerts and showcases throughout the year.

View the full list of prerequisites, core courses, and plan of study for the BFA in Dance with a concentration in Modern Dance in the USF Undergraduate Catalog. 

Limited Access

The BFA in Dance is a limited access program. Students must participate in a selective admissions procedure. At the end of their third semester, students will be assessed by dance faculty to determine eligibility. Dancers must continue to take technique courses throughout the BFA program.