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Nothing is more fundamental to business than marketing, and a marketing degree from the Muma College of Business School of Marketing and Innovation is an excellent launching point for a successful career in this exciting and dynamic field.

Marketing is the art and science of creating, communicating, and delivering exceptional value to customers, whether that be consumers or other businesses.  In today’s rapidly changing business environment, marketers must combine creativity and analytics to generate solutions that build sustained customer relationships and that drive competitive advantage.  USF's programs at all levels are designed to build these competencies and prepare students for rewarding careers in a variety of marketing areas through cutting-edge courses and co-curricular activities that that challenge students to apply learned concepts through rich experiential exercises and student-company engagement.

Marketing as an organizational function begins with the recognition of an unmet need or an imperfect state of reality that might be improved with a product and/or service provided by that firm to a chosen set of customers.  That first requires an intimate understanding of the marketplace and of the consumers therein.  Using these customer insights, marketers manage the marketing mix, commonly known as the ”4 Ps” to create, communicate, and deliver value: product, price, promotion (i.e., marketing communications), and place (i.e., channels of distribution).  Marketers in small companies may personally manage multiple marketing mix elements, while marketers in large firms often focus on a particular aspect of the mix.

This framework provides a brief indication of the many functions of marketing and career opportunities therein, e.g., market research / customer insights, brand management, product management, digital marketing, social media, consumer promotions, trade promotions, event marketing, pricing, sales, business development, account management, customer relationship management, customer experience management.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

We offer both masters and doctoral programs in marketing, as well as a Certificate in Digital Marketing.


Sales is the interpersonal embodiment of the marketing concept, and companies are increasingly demanding college graduates educated in consultative sales practices to engage effectively with customers.  Due to this strong demand and an above-average income potential, Sales represents an attractive opportunity for business graduates.  As such, we offer an undergraduate sales concentration for interested marketing majors along with an excellent array of related co-curricular opportunities.  We also off a certificate in sales for non-business majors.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a business function that ensures the efficient and effective management of the flow of goods, services and finances among firms around the world to transform raw materials into finished products along with management of reverse flows (e.g., defective or damaged products, product returns, end-of-life disposal) in a sustainable manner. We offer both undergraduate and Masters degrees to prepare students for rewarding careers in this rapidly growing field.


Our interdisciplinary program in Entrepreneurship is among the nation’s highest ranked. Entrepreneurs are the catalysts to growth in a market economy and play a vital role in driving prosperity.  Entrepreneurship is characterized by a spirit of innovation and risk-taking. Entrepreneurs imagine new ways to solve problems and create value.  Our program enables students to pursue two potential career paths. The first path is that of business ownership by creating their own business venture. The second path is that of an intrapreneur or a corporate innovator. Every company needs constant renewal in an ever-changing competitive environment to ensure that it offers products and services that are wanted by existing and new customers.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Sport Entertainment Management

The USF MBA in Sport and Entertainment Management is a specialized two-year, 54 credit hour dual-degree program where students earn both an MBA with a concentration in Sport Business and MS in Sport & Entertainment Management.


The Zimmerman Advertising Program is a unique program that prepares future leaders for the world of advertising, nationally and internationally. The program is highly selective, allowing participating students to earn a bachelor's degree in business advertising and complete a master's degree in mass communications in one additional year.


The Bachelor of Arts in Global Business provides students with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for successful careers in the global business environment. The Global Business program is unique in that it combines preparation in business administration with language studies and a meaningful overseas work or study experience.