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Frequently Asked Questions

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                                                        START YOUR APPLICATION: 

                                                      NEW STUDENTS GO TO STEP 1                                                                                                              RETURING STUDENTS GO TO STEP 5


Before you begin, find your city and find your high school code here: https://satsuite.collegeboard.org/k12-educators/tools-resources/k12-school-code-search

STEP 1: Complete the online application using the link below                                                              Click Here: https://secure.vzcollegeapp.com/usf/default.aspx?ltid=3&cid=87&stid=11

Tip: Do Not Click Yes for Misconduct and DO NOT PAY (close the application when done)

STEP 2:  In 3 days after you apply, go here to set up your NetID which is your USF email. https://netid.usf.edu/Activate 

TIP:  IT may not send you an email, DO NOT WAIT, After 3 days Activate your NetID

STEP 3: Check your USF email inbox. Go here (usf.edu) then go to MyUSF to obtain your UNumber - log into our MY USF Student portal.

STEP 4:  Student and Parent Fill out Medical History Form if courses are face to face.

Note:  Please Check Decline Meningitis and Decline Hepatitis box on form to decline.

STEP 5:  Student and Parent/guardian fill out FORM 1 Here. If you have not already done so above (Not Early Admissions only Dual Enrollment). You will need your high school counselor's name and email.

STEP 6:  Go to your MY USF student portal. To look up courses use OASIS.  Put your choices on your student planning sheet. Write down Course Prefix, Course Number and Course CRN for registration. Then your counselor can submit your course approvals to USF through their own FORM 2 (done by counselors).

Tip: Tutorials are found here: https://youtu.be/4_V3-BSSoj0

STEP 7:  Complete your student planning sheet for your counselor or Homeschool Administrator and meet to discuss courses.

Note: Your Counselor or Homeschool Administrator will fill out FORM 2 from your completed  planning sheet.

(Reminder: ENC 1101, ENC 1102, ENC 2210, ENC 3246, ENC 3250 or any courses that require USF Writes are not eligible, unless they are offered on a public high school campus or the school or school district arranges to pay for the textbook "USF WRITES" for the student).

STEP 8:  Students are Registered for on-High School Campus-Dual Enrollment Courses in coordination with their high school and USF from the counselor's Form 2 submission.

All other courses USF online or at a USF Campus, the student will self-register using Oasis on MyUSF student portal.   Students should have their planning sheets with all the information needed to complete registration.  Tutorial Here: https://youtu.be/4_V3-BSSoj0

Tip:  The USF student portal MyUSF is an app for smart phones.

Note: USF will also send emails to the student's USF email address for dates and how to register. Students should monitor their emails while dual enrolled. 

Free Microsoft 365 for all students: https://software.usf.edu/microsoft-office-365