Dual Enrollment

Class Selection

MUST READ: Students are responsible for checking their schedules in THEIR OASIS account during the first week of school. Schedules can be fixed during drop/add week.  If you see a class you do not want on your schedule, you must drop it in OASIS immediately to avoid financial holds.

Each semester, Students must prepare for the course through My USF Oasis - tutorials and Canvas. LOG IN on the FIRST day of class or you will be DROPPED. Click Here for Important Calendar Dates. Click Here for Canvas tutorial.

IMPORTANT: Use laptop/desktop only, as chromebooks have a different operating system.  

Students will self-register for their USF online or USF Campus courses starting on the date above in My Oasis.  Dual Enrollment courses taught on a high school campus are courtesy registered for the student and no action is required.  


ALL STUDENTS must have their counselor submit Dual Enrollment Approval Form 2 to avoid being dropped after registration. 

                                                  Course Selection and Registration Guide

These are key procedures for USF courses that are available for dual enrollment:

  • A student’s school counselor must submit approval form 2 so the class being taken is able to be applied to the high school transcript.
  • Students can only take 2 classes per semester until 6 DE credits with a C or better is achieved at any institution. Once 6 credits have been earned successfully, students may take up to 3 courses in subsequent semesters not to exceed 11 credit hours.
  • Students must self-register all USF Online Courses or on USF Campus courses, but not their courses taken on their high school campus. USF only courtesy registers high school campus courses.
  • All High School Campus Courses are courtesy registered.   
  • For Public High School Campuses: Schools can offer up to five (5) courses per semester on their high school campus. Students may take up to 9-11 credit hours per semester after the initial 6 credit hours are completed.  Students cannot take more than 55 credit hours towards a BA/BS degree on a high school campus. Students can also continue dual enrollment courses online or at a USF Campus. Students are allowed to take any modality combination such as, a high school campus course, USF online course, or a USF Campus course while dual enrolled.  
  • A seat must be available in the class (every USF class has an enrollment cap).
  • The following courses are not eligible for dual enrollment:
    • Courses of less than 3 credits (with the exception of labs)
    • Performing arts studios and physical education/sports classes
    • Reminder: ENC 1101, ENC 1102, ENC 2210, ENC 3246, ENC 3250 or any courses that require USF Writes are not eligible, unless they are taken by a public high school student on their high school campus as arranged by their district. This textbook is NOT offered through Follett.
    • No upper level 5000 or greater level courses can be taken
    • Students must have all prerequisites needed for the given class.
    • Students who receive a “C-", “D”, “F”, or “W” in any given USF course will not be eligible for dual enrollment the subsequent fall or spring semester unless they have more than one course.
    • WITHDRAWING: If students withdraws (W) from their USF class and do not have another USF dual enrollment class that semester, they must sit out the following semester.  Or if their GPA falls below a 2.0.  
    • If a student withdraws after the Withdrawal period, the student will receive a (WF) as the penalty.  All students repeating a Dual Enrollment course, will repeat the course at their own expense even if for grade forgiveness. 

The following are tools to use for helping select classes:

  • Schedule Search – See when/where/modality that a given class is being offered across all USF campuses.

    • There must be a CRN# for USF online and USF Campus courses. For semester course planning, the course selections are verified for availability that semester by the school counselor/administrator with the student using the Staff Schedule Search. Simply type in the Term and under course details the Three letter Subject Code  (Prefix Found on the Equivalent List, or catalog / inventory).  Check Instructional methods either CL-Classroom/Campus or AD- All Online and hit search at the bottom.
  • Course inventory – See course descriptions, prerequisites, and credit hours
  • Catalog Programs by College – See what classes make up a given major. Often, electives are great options for dual enrollment courses and fulfill elective courses at the HS level
  • Math Pathways - All Require Statistics, while others are suited for Engineering and Science or Business and Social Sciences
  • Credit-By-Exam – See if a student’s AP, IB, etc. scores satisfy a prerequisite
  • FLDOE - High School Subject Equivalency List
  • Administrative Rule 6A-14.0303 - Gen Ed Effective 2-20-2024
  • USF General Education Core Options

                                                       COURSE REGISTRATION 

For a tutorial on self-registration see VIDEO LINK here: How to register and search your schedule on Oasis. Oasis is located on the upper right side of the USF homepage under MyUSF. 

1.)  Students who have approved courses for taking any USF online or USF Campus courses will register themselves when the Non-degree seeking registration window opens. Fall Registration: Late July or Early August. Spring Registration: Late November or Early December. (Check important dates to know when to register-courses fill fast).

NOTE: If a student is taking a combination of USF Online / USF Campus courses they will have to register for those USF online or campus courses themselves but, not the high school on campus course, see below.

2.)  Students taking USF courses on their high school Campus do not have to register their high school campus course. USF administrative staff will courtesy register students who are taking courses on their high school campus based on Approval Form 2. 

NOTE: If a student is taking a combination of USF Online / USF Campus courses they will have to register for those USF online or campus courses themselves but, not the high school on campus course.

Final Steps:

The school Counselor/Homeschool Parent Administrator will be notified after registration has been completed through the email they provided in Approval Form 2.

Students must log into Canvas the day before or on the first class meeting to ensure the course is available in Canvas.  If not available, the student must be added. Coordinators/Counselors/ Homeschool administrators will notify the EUP office of any errors or changes during drop/ add week (First Week of the Course). After Drop/Add week, students cannot be added or dropped from registered classes. 

                                  LATE WITHDRAWAL MUST FILE ARC PETITION