Dual Enrollment

Next Steps for Enrolled Students

Participate in Trainings for Student Success

Dual Enrollment Student Orientation

Students are added to the dual enrollment student orientation course after they activate their netID, and notified by email. 

Having early access to support systems and resources available to USF students will not only assist you in your college decision-making process but research tends to show you will also be more successful academically and socially.

Canvas Training

ALL USF courses employ Canvas and online course are taught entirely within Canvas.  USF professors assume that students have completed the Canvas training, so knowing how to use it can affect your enjoyment and success in USF courses. 
Click this link for online Canvas training modules.

The Student Toolkit

The Student Toolkit provides up-to-date information about student resources and services to support student success.  Click here to access the student toolkit

Purchasing a Student ID and Parking Permit

It is not required, but students taking classes on a USF campus, may find it helpful to have a USF ID card.  They may purchase an ID at the Card Center. This expense is not covered by Dual Enrollment.   

Students driving to campus, are required to purchase of parking permit (Tampa campus, St. Petersburg campus, Sarasota-Manatee campus); once purchased, permits are good on any USF campus. This expense is not covered by Dual Enrollment.  



Students will use their USF Email and send an Email to nondegree@usf.edu and include dualenrollment@usf.edu Include the following information  below (Copy and Paste to fill in information into an email from your USF email address).


I need to update my high school information. Please see changes below.

My Full name:

My USF U number:

My Previous school (your old school):  

My New school (the one you transferred to or homeschool/PEP) and date you transferred: 

My Expected year of high school graduation: 

IMPORTANT: If you move from private school or public high school to homeschooling or PEP, you must provide nondegree@Usf.edu and dualenrollment@usf.edu with a valid FL Homeschool or PEP acceptance letter (letter from the district or State) attached to the email.