Dual Enrollment


Re-enrollment in dual enrollment (DE) is designed to be a fairly simple process. Returning students are eligible to re-enroll as long as they have maintained a 2.0 GPA at USF and upheld community standards.

*  If you have been away for 3 or more semesters (This includes USF summer semester-even though there is no DE in summer) you must create a new non-degree application by completing the online USF “Non Degree Seeking” Application, as a High School Dual Enrollment student you are considered NEW. (Examples: If you applied in the Fall and never attended Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters, you must have a new application you are considered NEW, If you applied for Spring and did not attend Spring, Summer, or Fall You must re-apply as you are then considered NEW.

Use Google Chrome on a laptop or desk top computer, and do not use your cell phone. Students must enter the name of their high school to be considered, or that they are homeschooled. Students will select the Semester, Fall (August Course) or Spring (January Course); then select the USF Campus closest to you.

*  If you applied for dual enrollment and filled out the non-degree application but never attended the term, your application has expired and you must re-apply as a new student. See "READY TO APPLY" on side menu. 

Returning / Re-enrolling students should follow these steps:

  • All Dual Enrollment students must complete Form 1 at least once during the school calendar year. Fall or Spring when the first course is taken.
  • Using your student course planning sheet. Meet with school counselor/administrator. Complete the Dual Enrollment Approval Form-2 Course Planning /Advising with your counselor.
  • Provide complete and specific information for your class selections to your school counselor/administrator and discuss best options. They must have a course prefix and a course number for each course you are enrolling for so that their counselors/administrators can submit Approval Form 2 for registration. Click here for a tutorial on how to look up courses in OASIS. 
    • Read more about selecting classes
  • Have your school counselor /administrator fill out the Dual Enrollment Approval Form-2 and submit, only submissions by the counselor will be considered.
  • Reminder: ENC 1101, ENC 1102, ENC 2210, ENC 3246, ENC 3250 or any courses that require USF Writes are not eligible, unless they are taken by a public high school student and the public school district arranges to pay for the textbook "USF WRITES" for the student.  This textbook is NOT offered through Follett.
  • If there are prerequisites USF will grant a permit if you meet the criteria. If you have questions or need to send any necessary documents to show completion of prerequisites send them to: dualenrollment@usf.edu
  • Once the above steps are completed, you may proceed to selecting courses and registration once the registration window opens. (see important dates)
  • Courses taken on a high school campus are courtesy registered for students, they do not have to register for the course.  
  • Courses taken online or on a USF Campus, students will self-register
  • If you are taking a combination of online / USF Campus and high school campus courses. The high school campus course will be courtesy registered and the student will self-register for the online/USF Campus course during the registration window.
  • Students who receive a “C-", “D”, “F”, or “W” in any given USF course will not be eligible for dual enrollment the subsequent fall or spring semester unless they have more than one course.
  • WITHDRAWING: If students withdraws (W) from their USF class and do not have another USF dual enrollment class that semester, they must sit out the following semester.  Or if their GPA falls below a 2.0.  If a student withdraws after the Withdrawal period, the student will reiceve a (WF) as the penalty.  
  • All students repeating a Dual Enrollment course, will repeat the course at their own expense even if for grade forgiveness.