Dual Enrollment

Application Procedure


READY TO APPLY? - CLICK HERE AFTER reading information below

Download the student checklist (counselor checklist), and student planning sheet under FORMS on the Menu to the left.

Before you begin, find your city and find your high school code here: https://satsuite.collegeboard.org/k12-educators/tools-resources/k12-school-code-search

You are considered NEW if you applied in the Fall and never attended Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters, you must complete a new application, If you applied for Spring and did not attend Spring, Summer, or Fall You must re-apply as you are then considered NEW as well.  All other students can review "RETURNING STUDENTS-DIRECTIONS" to the left menu.


What First-Time "New" Dual Enrollment Students Must Do:

  1. Read all the information below before applying.
  2. A Laptop or a Desktop computer using Google Chrome (clear cookies, cache, history) must be used to complete the Non-Degree dual enrollment application. (DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE). IMPORTANT: Chromebooks/tablets use a different operating system; Use a regular laptop/desktop instead for all processes, and classwork. Turn off Autofill or double check name before submitting application especially if you share computers.
  3. Download MicroSoft Authenticator. The email option is best or you can download it to your phone. Use ONLY the student's phone number for authentication so they can log onto their MY USF STUDENT PORTAL.  
  4. TESTING: Students who need to register for tests at USF Tampa testing center must have a USF U number (U#) & any type of photo I.D. for the USF testing center (Apply and activate the NET ID; take a look at steps 12 and 13 below).
  5. NO SUMMER program is available.
  6. Students must fill out the High School Dual Enrollment Non-Degree Seeking application WITH their parent / guardian to assist the student with Residency, Immunizations, and their Medical History Form.                                                                                                              Residency. This part of the application must be filled out by all Dual Enrolled Students. Please take the time to correctly answers these questions, as this information will forever appear on your official USF transcript and may impact your tuition rate at USF and any other Florida College or University.  Have TWO of the following with you when you are filling out your application:  1. Your Parent / Guardian’s Driver’s License Number and OLDEST ISSUE DATE. 2. Your Parent / Guardian’s vehicle VIN number with the OLDEST ISSUE DATE. 3. Your Parent / Guardian’s voter registration card. If these items are not available, follow the directions on the form by clicking here for more options: For all students who are “Florida Residents” for tuition purposes, please submit the above information completing the Non-Degree Seeking application. Doing this step after submission will challenge your ability to start USF classes on time.                                                                                                      Exception Category for Residency. Includes international students, military status students, undocumented students, and other types of students.  Please review the directions by clicking here. Please contact the Office of the Registrar at non-degree@usf.edu if you have questions about this process.                                          Immunizations and Medical History Form. Please see Number 19 In the application process below.
  7. STUDENTS: Must enter the name of their high school or homeschool status and their high school graduation date on the application to be considered for dual enrollment. 
  8. PICK the RIGHT SEMESTER! Select either Fall (August semester start) or Spring (January semester start); then select a USF Home Campus.   AVOID MISTAKE: Make sure to select the correct semester (Not Summer).
  9. IMPORTANT: DO NOT Check YES to Discipline or Misconduct, unless you have done something illegal; school discipline referrals do not count unless the SRO was involved.
  10. DO NOT PAY: On the last screen of the application, when asked to pay, just close the screen and your application will be processed and fees waived.  Close the browser.
  11. Now, begin the application process! Don't rush, use your laptop or desktop.
  12. APPLY: The application process is initiated by completing the online USF “Non-Degree Seeking” Application, as a High School Dual Enrollment student. (laptop/desktop)
  13. NET ID: STUDENTS must ACTIVATE their NetID (USF email) 3 DAYS AFTER APPLYING regardless of receiving an automated email or not.  Activation of Student NetID is found here. Do this by using the same email used on the application- DO NOT USE A PHONE; only on laptop/desktop with Google Chrome. Having trouble? CONTACT IT: Chat: https://itchat.usf.edu  
  14. FORM 1: Once the NetID is activated (USF email is set up), students will get their USF U# emailed to them. Students, with the help from their Parents/Guardians, will submit the Dual Enrollment Informational Approval Form 1 - this is submitted once per school calendar year, and if you did not attend in the Fall, submit the form for the Spring semester (The January start semester).
  15. LOOK UP COURSES: Students will use OASIS found under MyUSF at the top of the USF Homepage to look up courses.  They must have a course prefix, a course number, and title for each course. This will be reviewed with their counselor, so that their counselors/administrators can submit course approval Dual Enrollment Approval Form 2Click here for a tutorial on how to look up courses in OASIS. 
  16. STUDENTS TAKE CHARGE: Students can be part of the process and fill in their Student Course Planning Sheet before meeting with their counselor / administrator / homeschool parent who will be filling out Dual Enrollment Approval Form 2.  This is needed for high school course registration and student self-registration, and confirms the counselor approved the courses- it does not mean the students are being registered for an online or on USF campus class. The student will self-register for the approved courses.
  17. COUNSELORS APPROVE COURSES: Counselors/Homeschool Parent /Administrators must approve courses selected by the student (Include prefix, number, title, and select online or at a USF Campus course Example: THE 2000, Theater & Culture, Online).
  18. For Public High School Campuses:  Schools can offer up to five (5) courses per semester on their high school campus. Students may take up to 9-11 credit hours per semester after the initial 6 credit hours are completed.  Students cannot take more than 55 credit hours towards a BA/BS degree on a high school campus. Students can also continue dual enrollment courses online or at a USF Campus. Students are allowed to take any modality combination such as, a high school campus course, USF online course, or a USF Campus course while dual enrolled.  
  19. Per USF Policy 33-002 and 33-003, it is mandatory for dual enrolled high school non-degree-seeking students to submit all required immunization documentation and sign the official Medical History Form prior to course registration. A hold preventing registration will remain on your account until you have fulfilled the requirements listed on Immunization Compliance Overview page. https://www.usf.edu/student-affairs/student-health-services/immunizations/non-degree-seeking-students.aspx
  20. For a medical history form click here.  (Print, scan, and upload required for all students under 18)
  21. You may submit/upload your documents via Web Submission
  22. To clear a hold on your account because of immunizations or declining Meningitis, you will use your Oasis account.  Please follow the below steps here: 1.  Login in to your student account at MYUSF with your NetID and Password https://my.usf.edu/myusf/home_myusf/index, 2. Go to the tab that says, MY RESOURCES, 3. click on the down arrow, 4. next click on Oasis to Open to link. 5. Look for the Personal Information tab. 6. open that tab, 7.  click on View Immunization Record. At this time, you will see meningitis vaccine, click to decline on the meningitis immunization and then 8. click submit. This will clear the Student Health Services Hold on your account. Within 30 minutes the hold will be removed.

  23. The Early University Programs cannot solve immunization issues, students and parents must contact Student Health Services by phone at 813-974-4056 or by Fax at 813-974-5888. For tips on completing the medical history form go here. IMPORTANT: If you are under 16 or are declining the meningitis vaccine you must check the box and both minor and parent must sign the form. All forms do require signatures from both the minor and the parent. (Print, scan, and upload required for students under 18) For more information and web submission click here
  24. For Medical or Religious Immunization Exemptions please contact Student Health Services and email both Samantha Van Dyke at svandyke1@usf.edu and Lauren Dabney at ldabney@usf.edu.  
  25. NOTE: Students under 18 years of age must submit the Medical History Form by web submission and cannot sign through DocuSign.  
  26. CHECKLIST for STUDENTS for all these steps is available in FORMS.

  What the School Counselor/Homeschool Parent Administrators Must Do:

  1. Please share USF Dual Enrollment Process with the student and parent.
  2. SCHOOLS: UPDATE the USF Dual Enrollment Processes on your website to reflect current USF Forms, new hyperlinks, and processes. Do not use information from previous years to avoid delaying processes and creating issues.
  3. APPLICATION: Update or reapply for new non-degree application if students did not attend for 3 or more semesters (including summer).  Students should use Google Chrome (PC or MAC) on a laptop or desk top computer, and NOT THEIR CELL PHONE to complete this task. Students: Add high school; choose Fall (August Start) or Spring (January Start); select USF Home Campus (closes to student's address).
  4. Testing: USF Testing Center requires a USF U number (U#) to register for a test & requires U# & PHOTO I.D. on testing day. Any testing center can be used.  See Requirements and Deadlines.
  5. Students should provide you with their U#, their NET ID and USF email. 
  6. FORM 1 must be completed by the student with your counselor information.
  7. Dual Enrollment Approval Form 2 MUST be submitted by the counselor each semester approving courses so USF internal processes can be completed and courses are applied to high school graduation requirements. 
  8. Public School counselors please provide on-high school campus dual enrollment course prefix, number, period and instructor on Form 2. 
  9. Verify the student’s standardized test score and GPA from the student's high school transcript to meet the requirements for admission, and verify student’s overall readiness for academic success in college-level courses on Dual Enrollment Approval Form 2.  Counselors /Administrators can document submission by saving a copy of the submitted Dual Enrollment Approval Form 2 to their computer or print the confirmation for their records.
  10. COURSE SELECTION for FORM 2: After reviewing and approving the courses with the student, the school Counselor/ Homeschool Parent /Administrator will submit a completed Dual Enrollment Approval Form 2. (Reminder: ENC 1101, ENC 1102, ENC 2210, ENC 3246, ENC 3250 or any courses that require USF Writes are not eligible, unless they are taken by a public high school student and the public school district arranges to pay for the textbook "USF WRITES" for the student.  This textbook is NOT offered through Follett).  A course prefix, number, and course title must be selected, with modality: online, or on USF campus.  Please save a copy of the submission of Dual Enrollment Approval Form 2 to your computer or print your confirmation for your records. Students are not actually registered until 2-3 weeks before classes begin. It is best that students select alternate courses in case their top choices are full at the time of registration. A full inventory of USF courses, with prerequisites is available on the left side menu under Selecting Courses and Registration.
  11. Registration will occur for the fall in August and for the Spring in December.  Deadlines for Dual Enrollment Approval Form 2 are June 15 and November 15 respectively. Please contact dualenrollment@Usf.edu if you are delayed.
  12. For Public High School Campuses: Schools can offer up to five (5) courses per semester on their high school campus. Students may take up to 9-11 credit hours per semester after the initial 6 credit hours are completed.  Students cannot take more than 55 credit hours towards a BA/BS degree on a high school campus.  Students are allowed to take any modality combination such as, a high school campus course, USF online course, or a USF Campus course while dual enrolled.  Students may add modalities as needed for their high school graduation requirements.
  13. Only Homeschool Administrators/Parents (Not Private, Public, or Public Charter) are required to fill out the transcript form. Click here for the form, and then submit the completed form via email to: dualenrollment@usf.edu  Please include the letters DE and the student U# in the subject line of the email. 
  14. Only Homeschool Administrators / Parents must also submit proof of homeschool registration in a school district or provide a PEP award. (Letter from the district, confirmation of registration or Award Letter).
  15. MUST DO: Private Schools and Homeschools Administrators must assist students in obtaining unofficial high school transcripts and unofficial test scores that are to be sent to dualenrollment@usf.edu this is to facilitate processing while official test scores are being sent from the testing company to USF (that usually takes 3-5 weeks to arrive). 
  16. Public schools: Have students request their ACT, SAT, and/or CPT test scores be sent to USF. (Usually results take 3-5 weeks to arrive).
  17. Public Schools: USF will verify your approval of a student's PERT score through the FLDOE Repository.  For questions or concerns send inquires to the Program office: dualenrollment@usf.edu.  All other official test scores are to be sent to USF directly from the testing company.
  18. Remind students to take the Canvas tutorial / orientation once they have access to the Learning Platform. 
  19. Note: Dual Enrollment Approval Form 2 must be submitted by the school Counselor/ Homeschool Parent /administrator every semester (one for fall and one for spring, do not combine semesters)Please save a copy of the submission to your computer or print your confirmation for your records.
  20. Remind teachers / instructors at the high school campus they need to post attendance on the first day of the course to avoid drops and communicate any errors before the end of the first week. Dual Enrollment Approval Form 2 submission is what is processed for registration. Instructors on a high school campus can run rosters from Canvas that can be compared to the district's gradebook rosters to find errors. Errors need to be reported to the EUP Office at dualenrollment@usf.edu within the first week of the course.
  21. REMIND Students they must log into Canvas on their first day of class to ensure the course is available in the Canvas student portal. If not, the student must be added. After Drop/Add week, students cannot be added, and if dropped from registered classes they will get a W (withdrawn) on their permanent transcript.
  22. Remind teachers / instructors at high school based campuses that mid-term grades and finals must be entered into Canvas by the due dates, not at the end of the high school semester. Calendars may be different. 
  23. Remind or facilitate in helping students clear holds. Guide to Clear Immunization Holds is located here: https://www.usf.edu/student-affairs/student-health-services/holds/index.aspx 
  24. CHECKLIST FOR COUNSELORS/ Homeschool Administrators is available in FORMS.

                                                            Student Course Registration

Students must review the self-registration tutorial. For the tutorial on self-registration see video here:  How to register and search your schedule on Oasis . Oasis is located on the upper right side of the USF homepage under MyUSF. 

Students who are approved for and plan to take a USF online or USF Campus course must Register themselves when the Non-degree seeking registration window opens

Students taking USF courses on their high school campus do not have to self-register their high school campus course, they will only have to register the online or USF Campus courses they are taking that their counselor approved.          

Fall Registration: Occurs Late July or Early August.

Spring Registration: Occurs Late November or Early December.

Check important dates to know when to register for non-degree courses.

Students taking USF courses at their high school do not have to register for their high school campus course.  Approximately 2-3 weeks before the semester begins, USF administrative staff will courtesy register students who are taking classes on their high school campus based on Dual Enrollment Approval Form 2 that was submitted by their high school counselor.

Final Steps:

  Free Microsoft 365 for all students: https://software.usf.edu/microsoft-office-365

  1. ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND / LOG IN ONLINE TO THE COURSE IN CANVAS THE FIRST DAY THE COURSE MEETS and receive attendance from their instructor in CANVAS.  If not marked present, the student will be dropped from the course. Always post a hello in the online courses so that the instructor knows you are there. (MAKE CONTACT WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR / TEACHER).
  2. The school Counselor/Homeschool Parent /Administrator/ or school district office will be notified through the email they provided after registration has been completed.
  3. REMIND Students they must log into Canvas the day before or on their first day of class to ensure the course is available in the Canvas student portal. If not, the student must be added. After Drop/Add week, students cannot be added, and if dropped from registered classes they will get a W (withdrawn) on their permanent transcript.
  4. USF ID cards and parking passes are not covered by the dual enrollment scholarship fund, but students taking classes on a USF campus may find it helpful to have a USF ID card and parking pass. NOTE: Dual Enrollment DOES NOT COVER these expenses.
  5. Students who are graduating high school will need to order official transcripts to be sent from USF to their high school registrar to reverse credits and award high school credits for their diploma. This expense is not covered by Dual Enrollment.
  6. LASTLY, Read below...


                                        THE HIGHER THE ACT/SAT SCORES, THE HIGHER                                                                                     THE AWARDS IN SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS.