Teacher Certification

Test Preparation

The University of South Florida College of Education offers a variety of resources to assist our students in preparing for the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE), including in-person tutoring, online modules, and conference style boot camps. Our dedicated faculty and staff are always working to develop additional test preparation resources in an effort to increase student success!

Self Preparation

Growth Mindset

Your mindset is a strong indicator of performance and learning. A growth mindset, as opposed to a fixed mindset, can lead to an increased level of achievement! Assess your current mindset and learn about the benefits at Mindset Works

USF Counseling Center

We understand that preparing and taking the FTCE or General Knowledge Test (GKT) exams can be stressful, so USF offers services for test anxiety that are available at the USF Counseling Center.

Self Assessment 

Practice Tests

It is important to identify the concepts that you need assistance with so you know where to focus most of your attention when studying! Visit the Florida Teacher Certification Exam website to take a practice test.

Test Information Guides are provided by the Florida Department of Education for self-study test preparation. These guides include a practice test, which allows you to utilize your score to determine what areas you need to study. Visit the Florida Department of Education website to learn more about the percentage of correct questions needed to pass each exam.

Test Preparation

General Knowledge Test Boot Camps

Are you preparing to take the FTCE General Knowledge Test? We can help you get test-ready! The College of Education regularly hosts a series of test preparation boot camps for individuals who are preparing to take the General Knowledge Test. Sessions include short but intensive overviews of all sections of the exam to help you achieve success.

For more information on upcoming Boot Camp dates contact edu-advse@usf.edu

Online Test Preparation with the iTeach Professional Learning Program

The Florida Center for Instructional Technology has developed a series of online, self-paced test prep courses that are specifically designed to help prepare you to take the Professional Education and the General Knowledge: Reading, Math, English Language Skills and Essay subtests on the Florida Teacher Certification Exam. Each course contains a study guide, two practice exams, and additional practice questions for each competency and every skill tested on the FTCE Professional Education and General Knowledge Test. 

There is a 50 percent discount on course registration fees for USF students. Contact your academic advisor for more information.

Visit the iTeach Professional Learning Program website