Teaching & Research

Academic and Teaching Resources

The information below outline various academic and teaching resources available to faculty within the College of Education.

Undergraduate Resources

The information in this section will help you find resources to plan your undergraduate courses and degree curricula. The provided undergraduate resources can also help you give answers to your students' academic questions.

Graduate Resources

These resources provide information about the graduate degree programs at the graduate, specialist and doctoral levels. Through a series of extensive programs, USF maintains a positive teaching and learning environment created to engage students and enhance all aspects of the experience as a student.

EDU Graduate Student Forms

Learn more about forms and processes for graduate students provided by the College of Education's Graduate Support Office and the USF Office of Graduate Studies.

Syllabi Resources

A syllabus is an academic agreement that establishes the academic relationship between instructors and students in a course, used as the basis for communication and accountability. The course syllabus is often treated as a contract by both faculty and students. As such, syllabi should not be altered after the semester has begun to ensure fairness for the students.

USF Calendar and Learning Services

Navigate through additional academic resources to give insight on USF's academic services, programs, and calendars.

eLearning Resources

Learn more about the various online tools and resources available to the USF community.