Central Financial Services

Purchasing and Expenditure Procedures

Review the resources below for more information about purchasing and expenditure procedures in the College of Education.


Procurement Card (PCard) Services is a unit of the Purchasing Service Department in the Controller's Office. The information in this section provide rules, procedures, and policies related to PCard usage. For questions on PCard usage in the College of Education send an email to EDU-Purchases@usf.edu.


Before any goods can be purchased or an independent contractor's date of service, a purchase order must be in place. This information provides rules, processes, and documents related to purchasing. For questions on purchasing items on behalf of the College of Education, please contact us at EDU-Purchases@usf.edu.

Foundation Expenditures

All purchases from USF Foundation funds must fulfill the purpose of the fund. The information in this section provides policies, processes, and documents relating to making purchases with Foundation funds. For questions on Foundation Expenditures, please contact us at EDU-Purchases@usf.edu.


The USF Computer Store and Office Depot are the approved vendors for technology and office supplies purchases at USF. Please use the links below to search for these type of items when completing your order request form, and submit your requests to your department's representative.