Central Financial Services

Purchasing Procedures

For complete USF Purchasing information, please visit the USF Purchasing & Property Services website


Requisitions & Purchase Orders

  • Goods (items such as camera, high-cost technology items, high-cost classroom equipment, etc.)
  • Independent Contractor (individuals providing services such as lecturer, transcript evaluations, guest artists, etc.)

Before any goods can be purchased OR an independent contractor's date of service, a purchase order must be in place. To begin the purchase order process, please fill out and submit the Purchase Request Form to EDU-Purchases@usf.edu. Please submit your request at least two weeks prior to the first day of the independent contractor's required services. 


  1. Faculty and/or department representative fills out the Purchase Request Form.
  2. Faculty and/or department representative submits the Purchase Request Form to EDU-Purchases@usf.edu for review.
  3. Central Financial Services staff review the form for accuracy and create a requisition.
    • Note: The form will be returned to the requestor if it is incomplete or requires additional information.
  4. The requisition is sent to the USF Purchasing Department for final approval and the creation of a purchase order. The purchase order serves as USF's official document authorizing the purchase of goods and/or services requested. 
  5. Central Financial Services informs the faculty and/or department representative of the purchase order number when the request is fully approved.
    • Note: Services cannot be initiated until a purchase order is fully approved. 
  6. After the commodity is delivered or service is provided, an invoice and packing slip from the vendor/independent contractor must be submitted directly to Central Financial Services via email at EDU-Purchases@usf.edu. Central Financial Services must receive evidence of receipt for the commodity or service. 
  7. Central Financial Services staff will complete the internal process in our financial system. 
  8. Central Financial Services staff will send the invoice to Accounts Payable for payment. 


  • The USF Purchasing Department representatives are the ONLY individuals who sign contracts on behalf of USF. All other USF employees and entities can only establish an agreement (including terms and conditions) with individuals and companies outside USF. The agreement must be approved budgetarily by the College and legally through USF Purchasing before it becomes an official USF contract.
  • Any agreements with terms and conditions AND signature lines need to be submitted three (3) weeks in advance of the first date of service due to legal review.
  • Quote requirements:
    • $0-$4,999: one quote (verbal)
    • $5,000 - $24,999: two quotes (verbal, written or sole source memo)
    • $25,000 - $74,999: three quotes (written or sole source memo)
    • $75,000 and beyond: conduct bid process or verify sole source


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