Central Financial Services

Foundation Expenditures

The USF Foundation is a private, not-for-profit corporation which functions as the primary fundraising entity for the University of South Florida. Generally, expenditures using USF Foundation funds must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Must comply with all Federal, State, University, and Foundation regulations
  • Must support USF's mission
  • Must adhere to the donor's intent or the fund's purpose

For more information about the USF Foundation, please visit the USF Foundation website

Foundation Expenditure Procedures 

All purchases using USF Foundation funds must fulfill the purpose of the fund. The information in this section provides rules, processes, and documents relating to making purchases with Foundation funds. For questions on Foundation expenditures at the College of Education, please contact us via email at EDU-Purchases@usf.edu

Foundation Check Request Process 

  1. The faculty member and/or department representative verifies the potential expenditure (goods or services) falls within guidelines of the fund's purpose.
  2. If the expenditure is allowed, then the faculty member and/or department representative completes the purchase or contacts the vendor for a potential invoice. For purchases at Publix using Foundation funds, please contact EDU-Purchases@usf.edu for more information about the procedure. Note: PCards should never be used for expenses intended to be covered with Foundation funds. 
  3. Immediately after the purchase is made, the faculty member and/or department representative completes and submits the following documentation to Central Financial Services for processing:
    • Original receipts (if seeking reimbursement) or invoices (if a direct payment needs to be made) 
    • Request for Payment from Foundation Accounts Form that is signed by the fund administrator
    • Supporting documentation about the event (invitations, agendas, brochures, etc.) and a list of event attendees. This documentation should include the business purpose of the event. 
    • USF Event Budget Form
  4. Central Financial Services reviews and fills out any appropriate paperwork.
  5. The paperwork is submitted to the appropriate fund signer(s) for final approval/signature.
  6. The paperwork is submitted to the USF Foundation Business Office.
  7. The USF Foundation reviews the check request and after approval is granted, a check is processed and mailed to the payee.