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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to take and pass all parts of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) prior to my bachelor's degree graduation?

Yes. You must successfully complete testing for three parts of the FTCE: the General Knowledge Test (GKT), Professional Education Test (PEd) AND your specific Subject Area Examination (SAE) before you can graduate. Learn more about how to Get Certified!

Can I double major as a College of Education student?

You may major in Education and a major in another College (i.e., College of Arts and Sciences, or College of Behavior and Community Sciences). However, you cannot have two majors within the College of Education. Please speak to your academic advisor about factors that may impact your ability to double major.

I have multiple internships in my program of study. How do I know which one requires a separate internship application?

Students enrolled in a USF teacher preparation program are required to complete a final internship application two semesters prior to enrolling in that course. For additional questions, please contact your academic advisor.

Do I need to apply to graduate? Can I apply after the deadline?

Yes. You must complete a graduation application during the first four weeks of the semester you intend to graduate. You may apply after the deadline: however, your name will not appear in the commencement program at the ceremony. Review the Office of the Registrar's information on how to apply for graduation and commencement.

I am trying to register for a course in the College of Education and it says I need a permit. Where do I get the permit?

Each department within the College of Education issues the permits for its courses. If you are unsure of which department you need to contact, you can visit our course permit request website.

How do I change major within/outside of the College of Education?

Current College of Education students who are switching to another major housed in the college should let their current academic advisor know and make an appointment with the advisor assigned to their new major to discuss requirements and degree progression.

Current College of Education student who are switching majors to a program housed outside of the College of Education should meet with the advisor of the major they wish to switch into to confirm it’s congruence with graduation and degree requirements. Students should inform their College of Education advisor about the intent to switch majors.

Students not enrolled in the College of Education who wish to transfer into a major housed within the college should meet with a College of Education advisor to discuss their plan to switch majors and submit a Declaration of Major application, which will be provided during the advising appointment.

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The Grievance Procedure is located in the Undergraduate Catalog. Choose the catalog for the year you were admitted into the College of Education.


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