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Resources for Working Remotely

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After months of working remotely, our university community has firsthand experience of the challenges and advantages of working in a remote environment. HR L&TD has created the curated list of LinkedIn courses and other resources featured below to both further develop our remote work skills and improve our work life balance as we continue to navigate the rapidly evolving coronavirus outbreak.

 Microsoft Teams

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
Still feel like a Microsoft Teams newbie? Check out this collection of short, need-to-know videos.
*You will need to be logged into LinkedIn Learning through your USF account for this link to work. 

Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks Familiar with Teams? Check out these advanced Microsoft Teams tips and tricks.

Tasks in Microsoft Teams: First Look
Stay productive by managing your tasks in one central hub: Microsoft Teams. The new Tasks app brings a robust productivity experience to Teams, integrating features of Microsoft Planner and To Do.

Work Life Harmony

Time Management: Working from Home
One of the most common issues experienced from working from home is the inability to disconnect mentally and emotionally from work. Check out this course to learn how to keep your work hours in balance.

Essentials of Mindfulness and Compassion
Mindfulness and compassion are ancient practices that, when combined, can easily and powerfully be applied in the workplace. More than meditation, a mindfulness practice helps you reduce the effects of stress and build better relationships.

Dealing with Grief, Loss, and Change as an Employee
The COVID-19 pandemic, economic downturn, and related challenges have brought feelings of grief, loss, and change into the workplace. This timely course from Joan Rosenberg, PhD, is a strategic and practical guide to building core emotional strength, reducing anxiety, and developing the confidence needed to navigate grief, loss and change.

 Leading Remotely

Leading at a Distance
Leading a team remotely and looking for best practices? This course covers subjects from leveraging technology as a remote leader, to building trust at a distance.

Leading Virtually: Vulnerability and Presence when Working from Home
This course collects timely, relevant advice for leading virtual teams and projects. Authors Simon Sinek and Charlene Li—and comedian Lisa Lampanelli—offer guidance on building trust, listening, practicing servant leadership, and engaging stakeholders inside and outside the organization.

Communicating Internally during Times of Uncertainty
During times of uncertainty, communication can feel strained and uncomfortable. In this course, geared toward supervisors, learn how to best communicate to your team with transparency and empathy during and after a crisis.

Creating Authentic Connections Virtually

How to Create and Run a Brilliant Remote Workshop
With in-person professional gatherings halted due to COVID-19, expert Dave Birss can teach you how to create and run a remote workshop with impact. You also get tips to move an existing workshop from an offline event to an online one, and how to facilitate a successful workshop that benefits all participants.

Icebreakers for Teams, Meetings, and Groups: Virtual Teams
An icebreaker is an activity, game, or experience designed to create conversation and promote connection among participants. In this course section, join instructors Daisy Lovelace and Carolyn Goerner for an exploration of how to successfully use icebreaker activities in virtual meetings.

Managing Up Virtually as an Employee
Establishing a good working relationship with your manager is one of the most effective ways to accelerate success in your organization. In this course, get strategies for managing up, whether you're collaborating with your boss in a remote environment or a physical office

 Additional Resources

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Working Remotely - Resources for Managers/Supervisors

Communicating Effectively in a Virtual Environment - Resources for All Employees

For access to additional tips and resources, please visit the Division of Human Resources' EAP Tip Sheets: COVID-19 site.

*Please note that the resources listed above are meant to equip employees with general tips, tricks and best practices, and should only be applied to the extent appropriate for each unique work situation.