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A physically-well person seeks to keep their body functioning properly though healthy habits. They are equipped to prevent or care for illnesses or injuries. Healthy habits can entail getting the right amount of sleep, engaging in regular exercise, eating well and getting routine medical check-ups.

The Physical Wellness Toolkit provided by the National Institutes of Health contains checklists, quick-topic flip cards, and resources for further exploration.

Magellen LogoOur EAP offers a wealth of free resources for physical wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Physical Wellbeing Offerings

Explore Physical Wellbeing topics and tools offered by the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) here. https://member.magellanhealthcare.com/body

Topics include:

  • Aging
  • Alcohol & Tobacco Use
  • Finding Care
  • Fitness
  • Healthy Eating
  • Managing Conditions
  • Physical Activity
  • Physical Healthcare
  • Sexual Health
  • Sleep

The EAP also offers free access to a lifestyle coach.

Disease Prevention

The Disease Prevention Toolkit provided by the National Institutes of Health contains checklists, quick-topic flip cards, and resources for further exploration.

USF's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Webpage is continually updated with information about staying healthy, vaccines and other timely topics.

Access to Healthcare

USF Health/Morsani Center

USF Health has more than 900 physicians and other health care professionals, in every specialty, available to treat everything from the most common illness to the most complex disease. This team of experts can seamlessly coordinate your care across specialties.

Phone: (813) 974-2201
Online: https://health.usf.edu/care

USF Health Pharmacy Plus

USF Health Pharmacy Plus is a convenient and easy option for USF Staff. They are located on campus on the first floor of the Morsani Center and are a preferred pharmacy for the State of Florida employees. They offer:

  • 90-day prescription fills (which provides for cheaper co-pays)
  • prior authorizations
  • competitive prices on brand name and generic medications
  • compounded products
  • curbside pick-up or free mailing to your home.
  • Transferring your prescriptions from other pharmacies is also simple and quick; all you have to do is give them a call and they will take care of everything!

Phone: 813.974.0133
Online: https://health.usf.edu/care/pharmacy-plus

Resources for Nursing Mothers

Nutrition, Exercise and Hydration

USF Campus Dining: Health & Wellness Learn about dining options across the campuses as well as healthy choices. You can also contact a dietician. https://usf.campusdish.com/HealthAndWellness

Florida Department Health: Tips to prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion  This quick article covers the basics of heat exhaustion/stroke, prevention tips and warning signs.

Florida Department of Health: Chill out and Stay Hydrated  How much water should you drink? A lot! Read reccommendations and tips to ensure you drink a healthy amount of water. 

Map of Water Refill Stations: Tampa Campus 

Campus Recreation & Wellness Each of our campuses (Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota-Manatee) has dedicated spaces, programming, and events to help you stay healthy.  Those facilities and services will look a bit different in each location.  Services and equipment you find on one may not be available on another.  Learn more about all offerings here. 

Substance Use

The National Institutes of Health's Rethinking Drinking is a website where you can explore many topics about alcohol and your health.

Support Groups

Tobacco Cessation Services

  • Local In-Person Resources: IQuit with AHEC is the in-person option of Tobacco Free Florida’s free and easy ways to quit. Programs cover all forms of tobacco.  
  • Online support is available for those thinking of quitting, who have recently quit, and who are having trouble staying tobacco free at https://smokefree.gov/


Sexual Health

See the American Sexual Health Association's comprehensive website for topics including  the following:

  • Your body
  • STIs
  • Sex and relationships
  • And much more


Bed Time Sleep Calculatorhttps://sleepyti.me/ Learn about sleep cycles. Use the calculator to ensure that your bed/wake times don't interfere with these cycles.

How Do I Sleep Better? The Ultimate Guide for Improving Sleep Read about the benefits of sleep and how much you need. This short article also provides strategies to get enough quality sleep.