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Honorlock is the official USF online proctoring solution. Honorlock online proctoring enhances the security of Canvas based quizzes and exams through student identity verification, browser lockdown, and exam monitoring.

For more information on Honorlock, its capabilities, and where to begin please see the video below:



Faculty using Honorlock should begin by reviewing and meeting all items within our Honorlock Online Readiness Checklist. This checklist serves as a preparatory resource and centralized training repository providing you with “how to” tutorials, relevant academic integrity policies, and best practices for online proctoring.

Enroll in the Honorlock Online Readiness Checklist (Canvas course)

live training sessions

Our live training session will provide you with an overview of Honorlock including how to set up an Honorlock exam, the exam security features, and the exam review. Sessions are typically offered at the beginning of each semester. Please visit our Live Training Session page for upcoming sessions.  


Honorlock faculty Faq 

Am I required to use online proctoring?

No. The use of Honorlock is optional for faculty and not required.

What are the requirements for using Honorlock?

Honorlock is a sophisticated solution. Prior to using it, please make sure you meet all items in the readiness checklist and note the following required steps:

1. Update your syllabus with the following required online proctoring syllabus statement. 

All students must review the syllabus and the requirements, including the online terms and video testing requirements, to determine if they wish to remain in the course. Enrollment in the course is an agreement to abide by and accept all terms. Any student may elect to drop or withdraw from this course before the end of the drop/add period. 
Online exams and quizzes within this course may require online proctoring. Therefore, students will be required to have a webcam (USB or internal) with a microphone when taking an exam or quiz. Students understand that this remote recording device is purchased and controlled by the student and that recordings from any private residence must be done with the permission of any person residing in the residence. 
To avoid any concerns in this regard, students should select private spaces for the testing. Students with concerns may discuss location of an appropriate space for the recordings with their instructor or advisor. 
Students must ensure that any recordings do not invade any third-party privacy rights and accept all responsibility and liability for violations of any third-party privacy concerns. 
Students are strictly responsible for ensuring that they take all exams using a reliable computer and high-speed internet connection. Setup information will be provided prior to taking the proctored exam. To use Honorlock, students are required to download and install the Honorlock Google Chrome extension. For additional information please visit the USF online proctoring student FAQ and Honorlock student resources

2. Import the required Honorlock student preparatory module into your course. This module is instrumental in ensuring that students are prepared for online proctoring and will prevent most issues. You can also download this module from Canvas Commons by searching "USF Honorlock." Or, send an email to and input "Honorlock module" within the subject line.

3. Learn everything you need to know about Honorlock and online proctoring through our Honorlock Online Readiness Checklist (Canvas course). We will also facilitate live training sessions and you can connect with one of our experts in our Live Support.

4. Verify with your students that they have access to a computer with the Chrome browser and can download the Honorlock extension. Additionally, if you plan to use any webcam dependent features (ID check or record student) you will need to verify that they have a webcam.

What do my students need to take an Honorlock online proctored exam?

At a minimum, your students will need a computer with the Chrome browser and the Honorlock extension. If you are using webcam dependent features such as "ID verification" or "webcam recording" the students will be required  to have a camera (USB or internally mounted). Please note that Honorlock is not mobile compliant so students cannot take an exam through a cell phone, iPad, or any mobile device. 

What if a student does not have a webcam or access to a computer? 

Instructors may also setup an exam without webcam dependent settings. Setting up an exam with these options is covered within the Honorlock Online Proctoring Readiness Checklist.

Does this violate student privacy? 

No. Honorlock strictly adheres to FERPA guidelines and has established a number of provisions to ensure student privacy. For more information, please visit the Honorlock student privacy page.

Is it possible for me to exempt a student from an Honorlock exam if I feel that it is warranted? 

Yes, you can exempt a student from an Honorlock exam. Instructions on how to do this can be found within the Honorlock Online Readiness Checklist.

Is there a limit to how many proctored exams I can conduct?

No. You can conduct as many online proctored exams as required for the course. 

Can I use Honorlock on other types of exam software?

No. Honorlock is limited to USF Canvas created quizzes. However, it does support a variety of 3rd party platforms. For more information on Honorlock’s integration with 3rd party tools, please visit the Honorlock Online Readiness Checklist.

Where do I go for technical support issues?

Students and faculty can connect with an Honorlock agent through chat, email, or phone 24/7 by visiting the Honorlock support page. Additionally, a direct link to the chat is available for students and faculty within the Honorlock section of your Canvas course.