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This 3D laser scan of Robles Park Village shows the location of grave-shaped objects (shown in blue) beneath the surface and is made from GPR data from FPAN USF and T2 Utility Engineers. Historical maps were also used to locate the boundaries of Zion Cemetery. [Image courtesy of Cardno and T2 Utility Engineers]

USF Works with Local Community to Uncover the Legacies of Those Forgotten

The University of South Florida and Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN) are working with local officials and community members to rediscover unmarked graves and identify those forgotten there.

February 14, 2020Research and Innovation

Lead author Dr. Anni Djurhuus (right) from the University of the Faroe Islands (formerly USF College of Marine Science) and coauthor Dr. Enrique Montes (USF College of Marine Science) manage the Rosette water sampler. All scientists need to perform a marine eDNA study of this sort is about a liter of water.

eDNA Used to Track Marine Biodiversity Over Time in a Research First

Just as the eyes are the window to the soul, a liter of seawater can be a window to all life in a region of the sea—revealing organisms from microbes to mammals. Or at least pretty close, says a team from the USF College of Marine Science that recently reported a promising pilot study in Nature Communications.

February 13, 2020Research and Innovation

Offshore oyster reefs in Florida's Big Bend region

Colossal Oysters Have Disappeared from Florida’s Most ‘Pristine’ Coastlines

Hundreds of years ago, colossal oysters were commonplace across much of Florida’s northern Gulf Coast. Today, those oysters have disappeared, leaving behind a new generation roughly a third smaller – a massive decline that continues to have both economic and environmental impacts on a region considered by many to be the last remaining unspoiled coastlines in the Gulf.

February 5, 2020Research and Innovation

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