Portrait of Beverly Frank, alumna from USF's St. Petersburg campus, School of Architecture and Community Design

Beverly Frank

Architects make a deep commitment to building a world that is better, more beautiful and more resilient

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Portrait of Maxon Victor, founder of USF's Stampede of Service

Maxon Victor

You miss a golden opportunity if you don’t choose to serve in some capacity as a USF student.

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Portrait of Manley Jaquiss

Manley Jaquiss

The Bulls, we're a proud group of people and I truly believe that our best days are ahead

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Portrait of Amber Jankowski in front of a mural.

Amber Jankowski

I think disability advocacy is so important because we all need it at some time in our lives. It's inevitable that we'll have exposure to a person experiencing disabilities as we age.

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Photo of Dante Tornello next to his racing vehicle.

Dante Tornello

In racing, concepts like sponsors, branding, public speaking and much more have been tied back to my time at the St. Petersburg campus

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Portrait of Sarah Painter.

Sarah Painter

My philosophy centers around building relationships with all stakeholders, so not just students but their families and the communities that they live in. Showing them that we see them, they matter and we care about them.

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