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NEWgenerator on a forklift at USF

Commercialization of USF-invented sanitation system set to begin

The latest version of the USF-invented NEWgenerator is on its way to South Africa to begin the process of entering mass production. The solar-powered machine generates nutrients, energy and water by safely recovering them from human wastewater – a technology built to address global sanitation concerns.

September 15, 2021Research and Innovation

The Newgenerator unit on site in South Africa

International companies to manufacture USF technology that addresses global sanitation concerns

Agreements coincide with USF civil and environmental engineering Professor Daniel Yeh’s team being named a winner of the 2020 Patents for Humanity Award from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

September 17, 2020Honors and Awards, Research and Innovation

 Creating a closed-loop system where water is scarce, the NEWgenerator can treat wastewater from portable toilets and recycle clean water back for toilet flushing, thereby enabling a more hygienic and convenient flush toilet experience for users. Previously, waste could only be stored in a tank or pit latrine.

A Patent for Humanity

Created by a team of USF engineers led by Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Daniel Yeh, human wastewater converter NEWgenerator will be recognized as a winner of the 2020 Patents for Humanity award by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

August 28, 2020Research and Innovation

Daniel Yeh and his team pose for photo next to their invention, the Organic Process Assembly

NASA testing USF technology for possible use on the moon

A technology created at USF could help enable the establishment of a permanent presence on the moon. Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Daniel Yeh has been collaborating with NASA to develop a system that converts human waste into fertilizer and water, which would allow astronauts to grow fresh vegetables in space in a more sustainable way.

August 10, 2020Research and Innovation

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