Overview and Appointments

National scholarship opportunities support many different facets of your USF education – from study and language learning abroad, to research projects, to internships and graduate study (domestic and abroad).

Candidates for prestigious national scholarships should envision , engage, and excel.


• Research national scholarship opportunities which align with your academic, professional and personal goals.
• Create an ONS Student Profile to keep track of opportunities and share your credentials with ONS advisors.


Schedule an appointment with an ONS advisor to discuss goals and opportunities. Come to the appointment prepared to speak about why you want to apply for the national scholarship: How does your academic background and professional experience coincide with the purpose of the national scholarship? Why is this opportunity the logical next step toward your goals?

• Attend the scholarship workshop series for your intended scholarship(s) to learn about the application components and start the process. Applying for a national scholarship is like taking another class – it requires dedicated time commitment and effort to produce quality work.

• Work one-on-one with an ONS advisor on the components of the application, such as: essay writing, selecting recommenders for reference letters, and mock preparatory interviews.

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