President's Office Team

Paige Beles Geers, Acting Chief of Staff

Portrait of Paige Geers

Paige supports, proactively manages and shepherds high-priority projects and key university strategic initiatives. She oversees relations and outreach efforts with the Florida Board of Governors members, staff and other dignitaries. Paige is also the staff liaison for the Board of Trustees Strategic Initiatives Committee. Email Paige.

Linda De Blasio, Special Assistant to the President

Portrait of Linda De Blasio

Linda proactively manages and coordinates the daily functions of the president. This includes synchronizing meetings and speaking engagements and optimizing the president’s time for maximum productivity. Linda assists in communicating with internal and external constituents, including the Board of Trustees, Board of Governors, business leaders, donors and government officials. Email Linda.

Julie Waters, Executive Communications Manager

Portrait of Julie Waters

Julie oversees executive communications strategies and deliverables for the Office of the President. A member of University Communications and Marketing, Julie works closely with colleagues in marketing, news and media relations to coordinate leadership communications that reflect the goals of the president and are consistent with university messaging and branding. Email Julie.

Shari Martinez, Director of Executive Events


As the lead planner for presidential and executive events in the President's Office, Shari partners with all units across USF in ensuring proper protocol, presentation, and communication is met for all events involving the President, including logistics for Board of Trustees and Board of Governors events. Shari also manages events at Lifsey House and is the liaison to Town and Gown. Email Shari.

Travis Miller, Special Liaison for Student Engagement and Director of Commencement


Travis assists President Law in staying connected with and being an active participant in the student community of the university by liaising and engaging with student organizations across all three campuses. Travis also oversees Commencement, partnering with senior leadership, the Registrar’s Office, colleges, and branch campuses to provide students a memorable experience to celebrate their graduation. Email Travis.

Christy Chefalas, Manager of Fiscal & Business Administration/Budget Analyst

Portrait of Christy Chefalas

Christy’s chief responsibility is the fiscal and business management for Executive Services including the Office of the President, Government Relations, General Counsel, Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunity and the Board of Trustees. She also serves as the HR manager for the Office of the President. Email Christy.

Mary Dooley, Fiscal & Business Analyst 

Portrait of Mary Dooley

Mary is responsible for the fiscal and business management for specific departments that report to the President’s Office including Commencement and Town and Gown. Mary also assists in the planning and overseeing of Commencement and related student communications, and provides administrative support to Acting Chief of Staff Paige Beles Geers. Email Mary