Office of the Registrar

Fee Adjustment Requests

Students who can supply appropriate proof they withdrew no more than six (6) months ago under certain state defined conditions may file for consideration of a 100% refund of tuition and fees.

See Cancellation of Registration for Nonpayment of Tuition and Fees and Returned Checks in Payment of Tuition – USF Regulation 4.010 on the Index of Current Regulations and Policies for state defined conditions and additional information.


Often, students inquire about a Fee Adjustment that can accompany an a petition process.

The fundamental questions are:

(1) Are you a graduate student or an undergraduate student?

(2) Do you qualify for a fee adjustment in support of an ARC Petition?


You are graduate student,


you withdrew from the course on OASIS (within the first nine weeks) OR filed a Graduate Studies Petition, and it was approved by the Office of Graduate Students,


the fee adjustment request is being filed in the Office of the Registrar within six months of the end of the semester of the courses to address the fee liability, you may file a Fee Adjustment Form. If it is a medical withdrawal, attach a Graduate Medical Form. (See exceptions to the six-month rule below.)


You are an undergraduate student


filed an ARC Petition and the ARC Petition was approved by the college,


the fee adjustment request is being filed in the Office of the Registrar within six months of the end of the semester of the courses to address the fee liability, you may file a Fee Adjustment Form. (See exceptions to the six-month rule below.)

An ARC decision (approval) does not affect fee liability, and your fee adjustment will not automatically be approved because an ARC Petition has been approved. The fee adjustment is an entirely separate process. The only part that links the ARC Petition to the fee adjustment is that the ARC Petition must be approved by the college before submitting the Fee Adjustment Form.

All fee adjustment decisions are considered final; however, one appeal may be filed only if you can supply supporting documentation not yet seen by the committee with the original fee adjustment request was submitted. The second filing is considered the final decision and cannot be appealed.

If your ARC Petition form was approved and/or you are requesting fee adjustment within six months of the end of the semester of the courses, you may download the Fee Adjustment Form, complete it, sign and date it, and submit the form along with supporting documentation to


Lack of awareness of the forms, process, or time frame for filing DOES NOT CONSTITUTE an exception for a fee adjustment to be filed past the six months of the end of the semester to address fee liability.

If a student was misdirected by a department or college personnel and can provide documentation, that constitutes an exception. A letter from an advisor or staff member that misinformed the student of the process is required.

Military personnel who are not here or able to process these documents in a timely manner because they had orders can provided their orders as documentation for an exception.

If a student is hospitalized or they are a caregiver to an immediate family member (parents, step-parents, grandparents, siblings, or spouse) and unable to complete or submit the paperwork and supplies documentation to support the hospitalization and/or care-giving status as well as relationship to the family member may constitute an exception.

Fairness for all students is the reason for the policies in place and are strictly adhered.

If you are not sure your exception will qualify or have additional questions, please email us at