Get Involved


Do you like music? How about sports? Do you exude USF spirit? Do you like community service? Do you love planning events?

At USF, there are so many ways that you can get involved with campus and the community while having fun and exploring your passions! Our office exists to not only coordinate many of these activities, but to help you find just the right ones for you. We help students accomplish this through:

  • Involvement Consultations
  • Involvement Challenge 
  • iPoints 

Involvement Consultations and the Involvement Challenge

Are you interested in getting involved but aren't sure where to start? Sign up for an involvement consultant with one of our involvement consultants!

Involvement consultants are students who are knowledgable about involvement opportunities at USF. These students will sit down with you on a one-on-one basis and discuss what involvement opportunities exist for you based on your interests, passions, career aspirations and more. Click here to sign up for an involvement consultation. 


Involvement Challenge

The Involvement Challenge is an opportunity for students to be recognized for their involvement efforts from the Center for Student Involvement. Participants will complete four steps:

  • Level 1 - Explore

      Attend an iPoints event to explore cultural, academic, and social event experiences. 

  • Level 2 - Connect

      Get involved in a recognized student organzation, fraternity or sorority, Campus Recreation        sports club, engagement expo, or more. 

  • Level 3 - Paricipate

      Engage in university research that influences the global community or thesis completion              through an academic department. Immerse yourself in global experiences through study           abroad. Plan an event. 

  • Level 4 - Lead

      Take a significant leadership role in a student organization or management level position            within your employment. You can also demonstrate significant group experience that you            created through student involvement. 

At the compeletion of the challenge, participants will receive a certificate of completeion and a graduation cord to rock at graduation!

Do you think you have what it takes to complete the involvement challenge? If so, your first step will be to sign-up for an involvement consultation in order to enroll in the Involvement Challenge.

Stop by our office and we will point you in the right direction and/or explore the opportunities provided in the left navigation. Attend, volunteer, or plan -- just get involved to make some of the best memories and friends of your college years!