Stay Well


General Well-Being

Explore the resources of the Center for Student Well-Being to develop life-long healthy habits, stay well-balanced, and be successful at USF.

Life Skills for Student Success

Transitioning to college life presents new challenges. Life Skills for Student Success is a great way to learn about these challenges and how to handle them best.

Physical Health

Whether you are sick or injured, managing a chronic health problem, or working at developing a healthier lifestyle, our doctors and professional staff can help.

Physical Fitness

If you are looking for some fun or a serious workout, check out Campus Recreation for our fitness equipment, courts, pool, ropes course, intramural teams, excursions, and more.

Mental Health

Deal with college pressures and life issues head on with the help of on-campus professionals that specialize in assisting college students confidentially and for free.

Success & Wellness Coaching

Map out a plan for your future with a Success and Wellness Coach, who will help you explore your strengths, find your motivation, and choose the right tools for success.

Victim Support

Our dedicated team of victim advocates will assist any victim with on-campus and community support services and resources.