Health Topics

Healthy Relationships

Building Communication Skills

Whether you are building new relationships or maintaining old ones, the key is to be yourself and communicate your expectations. The good news is that you always have an opportunity to create new and healthy relationships. You may find people in your classes, residence hall, or at an event with whom you have a great deal in common. Knowing how to communicate effectively can help you build relationships that are healthy and stable.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a natural part of relationships and it is unrealistic to always agree with everyone. Knowing how to be fair and be respected can be the key to success when handling conflicts. It is important to know that compromise will need to occur by both people. Try to only deal with one issue at a time and know you might have to agree to disagree. Check out the links to the right for more tips on conflict resolution.

Getting & Giving Consent

No matter what type of relationship you are in, knowing how to both get and give consent is vital. Being forced or pressured to do something is never okay and either is forcing or pressuring someone to do something against their will. Alcohol and drug use in college can often blur the lines of what proper consent looks like. Educate yourself on how to ask for and give consent. Visit the sites on the right for more information about consent.