Health Topics


Bicycle Safety

For many students the bicycle represents more than just a quick way to get around campus – it is an inexpensive, environmentally safe form of transportation. Bicycling to and from class can help keep you in good physical shape and can save time because parking is more convenient and closer to campus. Make sure you stay safe on your bike by checking out the resources to the right.

Campus Safety

College students can stay safe on campus by practicing common safety tips. You should always be alert and know your surroundings. You should try to stay in areas with a lot of people and let at least one person know where you are going. For more tips and information on staying safe, visit the links to the right.

Pedestrian Safety

Roadways around campus are busy. Students walking should always try to use sidewalks whenever possible, walk against traffic flow, and be alert to traffic. To learn more, visit the links to the right.

Sun Safety

USF students should practice sun safety at all times in the Sunshine State. Avoiding harmful UV rays is almost impossible, but you can take steps to protect your skin. Tanning and sun bathing are dangerous behaviors which can lead to cancer and premature aging. Please protect yourself and follow the sun safety tips found to the right.