Health Topics

Life Balance

Creating balance while you are at college can sometimes seem like an impossible feat. Making sure you have time management skills and knowing what you want out of your college experience can make all the difference in finding the perfect balance between school, work and socializing.

Internet Use

Computer use and college students go hand-in-hand. It is easy to get sidetracked when working on a project, as thoughts of Facebook updates are much more appealing than working on your research paper. Make sure to plan your online time so you can stay on track.

Video Gaming

Do you find yourself up all night glued to your controller? Gaming can monopolize your time, restricting you from accomplishing other tasks. Consider setting specific time blocks for your gaming and stick to them. If you feel your gaming is becoming your only source of entertainment, try getting involved in other activities. Follow the links for ideas.


While gambling can be seen as a fun and innocent way to pass the time, making responsible decisions is vital. If you are of legal age to gamble in the United States, make sure you are making informed choices when to come to gambling. If you are underage, gambling can have serious legal and financial consequences.