Health Topics

Cold & Flu


Allergies can come and go as the seasons change. You may even notice a difference in your allergy symptoms while away at college. It is important to recognize the difference between allergies and infections or viruses. If you are in need of an allergy shot or maintenance while here at USF. Student Health Services can help. For more information, visit the links on the right.

Common Cold

Getting a cold or two in college is almost inevitable. Living and learning in close quarters can lead to exposure of common cold viruses, but making sure you are taking the steps necessary to preventing colds and knowing what to do if you do become ill is vital. Check out the resources to the right for more information


The flu is no joking matter. Coming down with the flu in the middle of your semester can put you weeks behind. The best and easiest way to prevent the flu is to get a flu shot each year. Student Health Services provides them for free to USF students. Consider protecting yourself and those around you from getting seriously ill. For more information on the flu, visit the links to the right.