Travel & Accounts Payable

Travel Training

Travel Training provides instructional support on rules, requirements and processes for USF Business Travel. The Travel submission guides provide step by step instructions needed to submit travel transactions in the FAST Travel module. For Archivum Travel, training videos and other resources are available under Archivum Travel.

Travel department offers classroom training - Travel Rules and Requirements

You can sign up for the class through GEMS.

Travel Rules and Requirements

          Travel Manual - Archivum

          Travel Checklist - Archivum

          Travel Manual - FAST

          Travel Checklist - FAST

          Best Practices USF Business Travel


FAST Travel Submission Guides

          Updating Traveler Profile

          Creating Travel Authorization

          Associating PCard charges to a Travel Authorization

          Creating Cash Advance

          Creating Expense Report

          Applying/Disassociating Cash Advances to/from an Expense Report


Other Travel Guides

          Instructions to Designate Alternate User in Workflow

          Instructions to sign digitally for travel transactions