Essential Personnel Program

Per USF Policy 6-037, in order to provide for the safety and well-being of the campus community and to continue critical operations, certain designated employees will need to report to work during an emergency event. Departments are responsible for designating essential personnel and ensuring that they complete the appropriate training.


Essential Personnel Acknowledgment Form

Employees whose position is identified as Essential Personnel must complete the Essential Personnel Acknowledgement form. Appointment as Essential Personnel must be approved through the appropriate channels for each department.

The form must be signed by the employee, the employee’s supervisor, and the department head. The form may be signed via DocuSign, but must be downloaded and emailed as a PDF attachment to  The form must be submitted PRIOR TO completing the mandatory Essential Personnel training.

For any employee related questions/concerns, please contact the Human Resources Employee Relations team at

Faculty Information

What is the role of Academic Affairs in emergencies?

The role of essential personnel within Academic Affairs is to come to USF after an emergency event such as a major hurricane and help the USF Emergency Operations Center team assess damage in laboratory buildings. They would be contacted by the Provost's Office or by the USF Emergency Operations Center team when needed to help with the assessment.

Are faculty considered essential personnel?

Appointment as essential personnel in Academic Affairs at USF requires the approval of Vice Provost Jim Garey and is typically limited to one person per science/engineering department with a presence in each building. A Dean, Director, or Chair can work with Vice Provost Garey to determine who should be essential personnel, but may not designate people as essential personnel without approval. 

Can I continue lab operations during an emergency closing?

Personnel are not authorized to run experiments, run laboratories, nor “ride out the storm” on campus during emergency closures of USF. Designation as essential personnel is not a license to remain at USF to continue experiments, ride out a storm or related purposes. It is solely to help the USF Emergency Operations Center team assess damage in laboratory buildings and report back to their departments/colleges. The reopening of laboratories following an emergency event is authorized by the USF President in collaboration with the USF Emergency Operations Center team.

Appointment as essential personnel in Academic Affairs at USF requires prior approval from Interim Vice Provost for Labor Relations and Academic Space Planning, Dr. Steven Tauber