Essential Personnel

Per USF System Policy 6-037, in order to provide for the safety and well-being of the campus community and to continue critical operations, certain designated employees will need to report to work during an emergency event.

Employees whose position is identified as Essential Personnel must complete the Essential Personnel Acknowledgement form and complete appropriate training courses.

The Essential Personnel Acknowledgement form must be signed by the employee, the employee’s supervisor, and the department head, and sent to Sheri Neshiem with the Division of Human Resources.

At a minimum, the following Federal Emergency Management Agency and/or internal USF training courses, or their equivalents, are required to be taken by all Essential Personnel.  Additional information may be found in USF Policy 6-037.

Essential Personnel - Supervisors

IS-100: Introduction to Incident Command System is a pre-requisite to the supervisor training. Completed IS-100 certificates must be submitted to USF Emergency Management prior to enrolling for supervisor training. Please send to and include your employee ID number in the email.

Essential Personnel - Non-Supervisors

Training Info

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Essential Personnel Training Sessions (Non-Supervisor)

Date Time Location Session #
December 14 10-11a PTB Training Facility  15
January 16 9-10a PTB Training Facility 24
January 30 2-3p PTB Training Facility 17
February 15 10-11a PTB Training Facility 25
February 28 2-3p PTB Training Facility 18
March 15 10-11a PTB Training Facility 26
March 26 2-3p PTB Training Facility 27
April 9 2-3p PTB Training Facility 28
April 26 10-11a PTB Training Facility 29
May 10 10-11a PTB Training Facility 30
May 23 2-3p PTB Training Facility 31
June 14 10-11a PTB Training Facility 32
June 27 1-2p PTB Training Facility 33
July 8 10-11a PTB Training Facility 34
July 26 10-11a PTB Training Facility 35

Essential Personnel Supervisor Training Sessions

Date Time Location Session #
December 6 10-11a OPM 115 17
January 14 10-11a OPM 115 19
February 12 2-3p OPM 115 20
March 22 1:30-2:30p OPM 115 23
April 16 2-3p OPM 115 24
May 15 9-10a OPM 115 25
June 18 2-3p OPM 115 26
July 19 10-11a OPM 115 27