Essential Personnel Training

Per USF Policy 6-037, all Essential Personnel are required to take training. Training requirements are different for those that supervise other essential personnel and those who are non-supervisors. The training requirements for each category are outlined below.

All designated Essential Personnel must submit an acknowledgement form signed by their department head prior to taking training. Guidelines can be found on the Essential Personnel Program page.

Essential Personnel Supervisors

Any designated essential employee that will be supervising other essential employees in a declared emergency must complete Essential Personnel Supervisor training requirements. 

Training Requirements:

  1. IS-100: Introduction to the Incident Command System
  2. Essential Personnel Supervisor Training
    • Registration for classroom/Microsoft Teams-based Essential Personnel Training courses can be completed in GEMS. Search course number EMESUP. View Instructions for Registering in GEMS for more information.
    • Refresher training required every two years

*Send certificate to and include your employee ID number in the email. Please allow 2 business days for processing.

Non-Supervisor Essential Personnel

All non-supervisor essential personnel must complete the following training requirement.

Training Requirement:

  1. Essential Personnel Training

Accommodations may be made for groups without regular computer access. Please email with requests for accommodations. 

2022 Training Schedule 

Register in GEMS and you will be emailed the access information no sooner than a week before your scheduled session. 

**Registration ends 1 hour before the scheduled start time**

Essential Personnel Supervisor Training Sessions

Date Time Location GEMS Code
January 12 2-3p

Tampa - OPM 115

February 23 10-11a Tampa - OPM 115 EMESUP 0062
March 23 2-3p Tampa - OPM 115 EMESUP 0063
April 20 10-11a Tampa - OPM 115 EMESUP 0064
May 25 2-3p Tampa - OPM 115 EMESUP 0065
June 29 10-11a Tampa - OPM 115 EMESUP 0066
July 20 2-3p Tampa - OPM 115 EMESUP 0067
August 17 10-11a Tampa - OPM 115 EMESUP 0068
September 21 2-3p Tampa - OPM 115 EMESUP 0069
October 19 10-11a Tampa - OPM 115 EMESUP 0070
November 16 2-3p Tampa - OPM 115 EMESUP 0071
December 7 10-11a Tampa - OPM 115 EMESUP 0072