Student Life

Student Life

Student Life
There's a unique and unmistakable energy that characterizes student life at USF. The campus is bursting with opportunities to get involved, meet new friends, discover your passions and make a difference. You'll also find an array of services on campus to make you feel right at home and be successful.

Housing & Dining

Explore the places where you’ll eat, sleep and live the good life.

Arts & Culture

Whether you’re into art museums, concerts, lectures or other cultural pursuits, you can find it all on campus.

Fitness & Health Services

Our on-site fitness and health services make it easy to take care of yourself. From gym and pools to general medical care and a full-service pharmacy, we’ve got you covered.

Activities & Programs

The college experience is all about getting involved. USF makes it easy with more than 600 student organizations, volunteer programs and more.

Campus Resources

From our on-site bookstore to accessibility services to child care, USF has the resources you need to be successful.

Campus Safety

The safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors is a top priority at USF. Learn about the various initiatives, emergency notification systems and programs in place to ensure the safety of every member of the USF community.

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