Academic Advising


College of Arts and Sciences Advisors.

We are Committed to diversity competent advising AND ANTI-RACIST PRACTICES 

As NACADA, our national advising association, indicated for our peers across the country: we see members of our USF community hurting because every day they see and live the disparities rooted in racism, violence, and injustices against people of color.  We understand that each member of our community has different needs at different times and places.   

Like many institutions in our country, higher education is historically structured by the idea that white skin color conveys superiority and can maintain that structure implicitly and explicitly. Academic Advisors play a role in social justice by helping students navigate this fraught educational landscape and access opportunities and experiences to achieve professional, personal, and societal goals. We acknowledge that we have failed many times to listen to and provide the best support for our Black and Brown students on a predominantly white campus.  To achieve these aims, we must work to overcome our implicit biases and our lack of knowledge from being raised in a society that espouses a white-dominated narrative.   

As members of a community of learners, advisors are committed to taking continual steps towards the ideals of equality and inclusion. With that in mind, we will start by participating in upcoming Multicultural Academic Advisor Committee (MCAAC) events including:  

  • July 16, 2020 - Town Hall Meeting: Voice of the People on Race & Justice 
  • October 16, 2020 - Workshop:  "How to Overcome Your Biases While Advising Students" 
  • TBD – Advisor Workshop on Diversity Advising Competence 

Using these events, future trainings, and further research, we commit to working towards Diversity Competent Advising, including ongoing Anti-Racist practices. 

We have some ideas for resources which we hope will be helpful, but we recognize we may not know exactly what you need.  If you would like to tell us, please do so here.   

Resources:  Support for students 

Resources: Education for All


Making an Advising Appointment

 Academic Advising is currently provided remotely.   Until further notice, we will continue to provide remote academic advising support to students using the Microsoft Teams platform coordinated with USF Archivum platform.  We will notify you once it is possible to safely provide face to face advising again to those who request it. 

Academic Advising Appointments and Drop-in Advising for Current USF Students

All Academic Advising Appointments and Drop-In Advising for current USF students will be offered virtually through Microsoft Teams (please see instructions below).   

  • Academic Advising appointments can be scheduled online with Archivum Appointment Scheduler (for instructions, please scroll to the end of this page). In advance of the appointment, you will receive an update to the schedule confirmation with Teams connection information.  There are three ways in which you can use Microsoft Teams for your appointment:
    • Teams App on your Smartphone - If you would like to complete the meeting on your smartphone, follow the mobile Teams instructions
    • DeskTop - If you would like to meet on your personal computer, follow the desktop Teams instructions
    • Phone Call – If meeting by phone is the best option for you, Microsoft Teams will also provide you with a phone number and conference code. 
  • Drop-in Advising process
    • Will provide an online queue.  The morning of the drop-in hours a link will be posted where students can sign-up to meet with an advisor.  In advance of the drop-in time slot, you will receive an update to the schedule confirmation with Teams connection information, just like an advising appointment.  
    • Will adjust, as needed, to prioritize for students based on the priority registration schedule.  For example, drop-in advising hours may be restricted to incoming students completing the orientation process.  Details about drop-in hours will be posted as soon as the advising community is aware of the dates, and adjusted as any other changes occur in context to coronavirus challenges. 

Advising appointments for Prospective USF students

 Prospective students can schedule an appointment with our advisors online using Escheduler.   (For data security reasons, Archivum does not have a guest access login option at this time.)   

Other Advising Services Info and Best Practices

  • Orientation for Incoming Students (FYS and Transfer) will be remote this Summer.  USF Office of Orientation created an online learning environment.  For more information about the general orientation process, please see the USF Orientation website.  Our college will be providing the college overview and orientation advising materials using Canvas site.  You will receive emails with instructions from your academic advisors, but you can also find general information online at these links for:
  • Honors College students are encouraged to meet, as usual, with their Honors College Academic Advisors for direct advising services. 
  • First Year Students with the Academic Advising “AA” hold should continue to complete their AA hold criteria remotely using the Canvas site and email to advisors.  Although it is not a requirement, you are welcome to schedule a remote advising appoint for additional assistance.  In case you recently changed majors and are not currently enrolled in the Canvas site, please use the following links to self-enroll:
  • Students who received an Academic Probation “AP” hold should complete their AP hold criteria remotely using the Canvas site and email to advisors.  In case you recently changed majors and are not currently enrolled in the Canvas site, please use the following links to self-enroll, use this link.
  • “Quick Questions”
    • Front Desk  Staff Assistance - our front desk staff are unable to provide phone support at this time, but are responding to email questions.  
    • Advising Emails:  We will continue to monitor and respond to student emails as fast as possible.   Please continue to use the general advising inboxes for advising questions.  This allows our advising team to support all CAS Advising areas, especially if one advisor must be out ill for a period of time. 

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation.

Autumn Mueller, MS
Director of Academic Advising
College of Arts & Sciences
University of South Florida


The College of Arts and Sciences has a team of professional academic advisors for our  undergraduate students.  Graduate students are advised by faculty in their department and can find information on how to contact your department and Graduate director in the graduate program list.

The undergraduate advisors' list has contact information for each of the advisors. Current USF undergraduate students can schedule an appointment with an advisor by using the Archivum Academic Advising Appointment Scheduler.

If you have trouble with the link above, you can access Archivum via the web, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. You may get prompted to authenticate through NetID.
  3. On the top navigation for MyUSF, hover over "Business Systems".
  4. The menu will expand and then click on "Archivum".
  5. Select "Student Portal" go to the "Schedule an Appointment".

Interested prospective students, Non-USF students who do not have a USF ID number, or former USF students who are interested in returning to USF can schedule appointments here NonStudent eScheduler.